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John Ramsay's Cylinder and Coins
by John Ramsay & Victor Farelli


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John Ramsay's Cylinder and Coins by John Ramsay & Victor Farelli

A classic routine explained in detail with almost 50 photographs.

Excerpt from the preface by John Ramsay:

It is now over fifty years since I started to experiment with the Cap and Pence trick, and I have worked out several methods of using the standard apparatus.

The present routine, lucidly and minutely explained by Victor Farelli, is not the result of a "brain wave" it was gradually evolved by a process of trial and error, and I trust that the reader will decide to study it thoroughly and that he will add it to his programme.

For the last thirty years, or more, it has been one of my favourite close work effects, and I have shown it to some of the world's most famous magicians in America, including Al Baker, T. Nelson Downs, Max Holden, Jean Hugard, Ralph Hull, Nate Leipzig, Sid Lorraine and John Mulholland, and to hundreds of conjurers in Scotland, England and on the continent of Europe. Not one of them claimed to have followed the "moves" or to have understood the exact method of working.

Apart from the coin manipulations described in Sections X to XVIII, there is nothing really difficult in the trick, or beyond the skill of the average magician. The manipulations in question are certainly hard to acquire, but they can be replaced by sleights with which the reader is already familiar, without detracting from the actual climax of the trick, or making it less entertaining.

    • I. The First Feint
    • II. The Second Feint
    • III. Fanning The Coins
    • IV. Passing The Cork Through The Cylinder
    • V. Showing The Cylinder Empty
    • VI. Showing That The Four Coins Are Separate
    • VII. Dropping Coins Through Cylinder
    • VIII. Passing The Cork Through The Cylinder
    • IX. Position
    • X. Disappearance Of First Coin
    • XI. Interlude Coin Through Hand
    • XII. Disappearance Of Second Coin
    • XIII. Showing "All Clear"
    • XIV. Disappearance Of Third Coin
    • XV. Disappearance Of Fourth Coin
    • XVI. Coins and Cork Under Cylinder
    • XVII. Secret Transfer Of Coins From Hand To Hand
    • XVIII. Covering The "Stack"
    • XIX. Re-appearance Of First Coin
    • XX. The Second and Third Coins
    • XXI. The Fourth Coin
    • XXII. Re-appearance Of Cork
    • XXIII. "Packing Up"

1st edition 1948, 36 pages; PDF 33 pages.
word count: 4534 which is equivalent to 18 standard pages of text