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Leo Boudreau

by Leo Boudreau

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Leo Boudreau by Leo Boudreau
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Leo Boudreau's work was said to be the next best thing to real mind reading. This is a must read for any mentalist. His books were out of print for a long time. Only a few hundred copies have been manufactured in the first place.

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Reviewed by David Burmeister
★★★★★   Date Added: Saturday 30 August, 2008

As a mentalist I bought all three Leo Boudreau books in the past. I had to buy another set of three books because I wore the covers off and they fell apart from using them all the time. I still use this material today.

In psimatrika I made my own symbol cards and alphabet decks. In spirited pasteboards I learned a LOT about card stacks. In skullduggery I learned more about cards and also booktests.

The material may look a bit complicated, but after a bit of persistance and understanding you will understand Leo Boudreaus material.

If you want impossible looking effects without gimmacked material for the most part, BUY these books.

David W. Burmeister Mentalist Nashville TN