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Magic at Home by Arthur Good & Professor Hoffmann

A wonderfully illustrated collection of 100 interesting and easy-to-replicate science experiments, tricks, puzzles, and the like.

Excerpt from the preface:

Each of the hundred sections embodies a distinct scientific recreation, sometimes a mere puzzle or test of dexterity, but more often illustrating, in a magical or quasi-magical form, the operation of some natural law. Chemistry, Mechanics, Optics, Hydrostatics, Pneumatics.

Translated and edited from the French Science Amusante by Professor Hoffmann.

  • A Plate Balanced on a Needle
  • To Balance a Pencil on its Point
  • To Balance an Egg on the Neck of a Bottle
  • The Divided Pear
  • To Drill a Hole with a Needle through a Pin
  • A Startler for a Careful Housekeeper
  • To Drive a Needle through a Halfpenny
  • The Self-Balanced Ladle
  • The Self-Balanced Ladle
  • A Self-Balancing Plate
  • An Acrobatic Bottle
  • Pencils Balanced in Mid-Air
  • The Shovel and the Tongs
  • A Bottle in Danger
  • A Miniature Diving-Bell
  • Red, White, and Blue
  • The Cask and Bottle Puzzle
  • A Miniature Vesuvius
  • Water Changed to Wine
  • The Devil and the Glass of Champagne
  • The Performing Fish
  • A Queer Kind of Candlestick
  • How to Weigh a Letter with a Broomstick
  • Bewitched Soap-Bubbles
  • The Camphor Scorpion
  • A Novel Water Engine
  • The Hydraulic Tourniquet in Straw
  • The Syphon Tourniquet
  • A Miniature Steamboat
  • Artillery on the Dinner-Table
  • A Paper Fish made to Swim at Pleasure
  • Magic Figures
  • The Force of the Breath
  • The Obstinate Cork
  • A Curious Coin Trick
  • The Magic Butterfly
  • An Illustration of Centrifugal Force
  • The Dancing Egg
  • Effects of Atmospheric Pressure
  • A Singular Pendulum
  • To Lift a Tumbler with the Open Hand
  • To Pass a Nail into a Corked Bottle
  • The Climbing Lamp-Chimney
  • To Empty a Full Glass by means of a Full Bottle
  • Bubble-blowing Extraordinary
  • Hanging without a Cord
  • To Dip the Hand in Water without Wetting it
  • Needles and Pins made to Float on Water
  • An Economical Magnetic Compass
  • The Rival Iron-clads
  • The Rotation of the Globe
  • To make a Number of Corks Float Upright in the Water
  • A Life-sized Dancing Doll
  • Eyes Behind You
  • Shadows on the Wall
  • A Play Acted in a Looking-Glass
  • An Animated Shadow
  • A Novel Laryngoscope
  • The Shilling and the Syringe
  • Complementary Colours
  • A Wonderful Pin
  • A Game of Chance for the Home Circle
  • A Curious Optical Illusion
  • Another Optical Illusion
  • The Broken Mirror
  • The Tight-Rope Dancer
  • Electric Attraction
  • A Lamp-Chimney Transformed into an Electric Machine
  • An Experiment in Electro-Magnetism
  • A Modern Tantalus
  • Candle Lighting under Difficulties
  • A Problem in Gymnastics
  • Another Gymnastic Puzzle
  • The Three Lucifer Matches
  • The Five-Straw Puzzle
  • A Bridge of Lucifer Matches
  • Transmission of Force to a Distance
  • Fifteen Lucifer Matches Lifted with One
  • A New Way of Playing Backgammon
  • The Coin in the Bottle
  • A Miniature Infernal Machine
  • To Spin a Penny upon the Point of a Needle
  • The Magic Dart
  • A Cigarette-Smoking Lamp-Chimney
  • Pyramids in Crystal
  • A Trio of Champagne-Glasses
  • The Bottle and the Keys
  • An Impromptu Soup-Tureen Stand
  • The Latest Weighing-Machine
  • The Kitchen Steel-yard
  • Everybody's Own Level
  • A Level of Another Kind
  • A Combined Candlestick and Watch-stand
  • Robinson Crusoe's Pen
  • A Necklace of Nuts
  • The Japanese Ball Trick in a New Form
  • A New Vaporiser
  • The Candle Extinguished and Re-Lighted
  • To pass a Person's Body through a Playing Card
  • Unconscious Movement
  • Shadows on the Wall
  • L'Envoi

1st edition 1891, 240 pages; PDF 169 pages.
word count: 40660 which is equivalent to 162 standard pages of text