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Magic Inc. Trick Catalog #24
by Frances Marshall

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Magic Inc. Trick Catalog #24 by Frances Marshall

Excerpt from the introduction:

Welcome to the world of MAGIC! It is one of the oldest performing arts and yet it is as up to date as tomorrow. You have been seeing some wonderful magical spectaculars on TV, with Henning, Blackstone, Copperfield and others and you know how great magic can be. Magic is important and it can make YOU important. You can learn all about the great magicians of the past, study the art of magic so you can learn to be a performer, and meet and know the great magicians of today. New books are constantly being issued on magic and there are hundreds of them already established as the standards for your study. YOU can easily be one of the great magicians of tomorrow if you are willing to study and practice.

Begin by getting simple tricks which take no skill, read the books for beginners, and then advance into the more complicated work. All books and tricks in our catalogue are described so you will know if they are easy to do or not.

Tricks are grouped in the following categories:

  • Pocket Tricks
  • Close-up Tricks
  • Card magic
  • Coin Magic
  • Paper Magic
  • Mental Magic
  • Rope Tricks
  • Silk Magic
  • Tricks for Kids' Shows
  • Balloon Magic
  • Club and Stage Magic
  • Manipulative Tricks
  • Cigarette Tricks
  • Spooks
  • Illusions
  • New as we go to press

1st edition ~1982; PDF 341 pages.
word count: 138695 which is equivalent to 554 standard pages of text