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The Bunny Book For Magicians
by Frances Marshall


(1 customer rating) ★★★★

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The Bunny Book For Magicians by Frances Marshall

Everything you need to know about using rabbits in your act - lots of tips on care and maintenance, along with plenty of tricks and anecdotes. Plenty of pictures of bunnies and magicians. Interesting reading.

  • How The Rabbit Got Into Magic
  • Pets 'N Prestidigitation
  • The Top Hat - Square Circle - Ten Rabbit Production
  • Cherchez La Rabbit
  • Back Stage Rabbit Vanish
  • The Bunny Bit
  • How To Do The Most Popular Trick In The World
  • Irving's Bunny Cotton-Tail
  • Bunny In A Basket
  • Twin Chests, A Routine For Twin Rabbits
  • A Unique Live Stock Production
  • Carlton King's Rabbit Box
  • The Artist Draws A Picture Of A Rabbit - And The Picture Comes To Life
  • Bunny Want A Carrot?
  • The Ireland Rabbit Trap
  • Another Idea For The Rabbit Trap
  • The Flat Rabbit Comes To Life
  • Ireland's Cotton Rabbit
  • Hot Bunny
  • Bunny In The Hat
  • Rapid Rabbit: A Flash Production
  • A Simple Plan For A Simple Box
  • The Gwynne Flipover Box
  • Out Of My Hat
  • The Spider Box
  • Instantaneous Production Of A Rabbit
  • Newspaper And Rabbit Idea
  • A Rabbit Vanish
  • Kirk S Kage
  • Rare Bits About Rabbits
  • Hal Diamond's Rings, Eggs, And Rabbits!
  • Introducing The Spring Zoo
  • Bunnies In The Olden Days
  • Foxey Bunny Business
  • A Note On Rabbit History
  • The Rabbit Of Saipan
  • Ways To Go With Rabbit Themes
  • Rabbit Costumes And Parts
  • Bunny Sources
  • Quick Cut Rabbit
1st edition 1985, 1st digital edition 2015, PDF 179 pages.
word count: 48734 which is equivalent to 194 standard pages of text