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Magical Mysteries
by R. A. Hummerston

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Magical Mysteries by R. A. Hummerston

Sixty simple conjuring tricks that you can do without apparatus or sleight-of-hand. This ebook contains coin, card, second-sight, balancing, mathematical and miscellaneous tricks.


  • The Balanced Coin
  • Coin And Ring
  • Counting The Coins
  • The Disappearing Penny
  • Fifteen Instead Of Twelve
  • It's There, Then It Isn't
  • Juggling With Coins
  • The Obedient Sixpence
  • The Perforated Penny
  • Piercing A Coin With A Needle
  • Reversals
  • Sixpence And A Bottle
  • Vanishing A Penny
  • Vanishing A Penny From A Borrowed Handkerchief
  • The Dimidiated Card
  • Happy Families
  • It's There, Then It Isn't
  • Naming A Chosen Card
  • A Quartette
  • Seven Cuts Of The Cards
  • Vanishing A Card
  • A Blindfold Act
  • Second-Sight Trick
  • Thought-Reading Trick
  • Who Wears The Ring?
  • The Balanced Coin
  • Balancing A Card On The Edge Of Another
  • Balancing An Egg
  • Balancing An Egg On A Knife
  • Hairpin, Hatpin And Half-Penny
  • Counting The Coins
  • Discovering A Number Thought Of
  • A Mathemetical Trick
  • A Quartette
  • Two Dice Tricks
  • Ale And Water
  • An Unexpected Result
  • A Board With A Newspaper
  • Bottle And Candle
  • Breaking A Broomstick
  • Claret And Water
  • The Contumacious Card
  • Cork In Bottle Trick
  • The Erratic Egg
  • Flicking The Finger
  • Getting Water Into A Glass Upside Down
  • The Inverted Glass Trick
  • The Leviating Glass
  • Lifting A Bottle With A Straw
  • Lighted Candle Under Water
  • Looking Through The Hand
  • Needle Trick
  • The Obedient Ball
  • A Paper-Cutting Trick
  • A Paradoxical Trick
  • The Rotating Egg Shell
  • Scissors And String Trick
  • Tying The Thumbs Together
  • A Vacuum Trick
1st edition 1922; PDF 47 pages.
word count: 9846 which is equivalent to 39 standard pages of text