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Magician Annual 1907-8
by Will Goldston


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Magician Annual 1907-8 by Will Goldston

This was the first Magician Annual Will Goldston compiled and edited. It covers quite some ground. From juggling and optical illusions, to ventriloquism and palmistry. Of course you will find also magic illusions, tricks and patter. And if you want to read a little bit about hoop rolling, you can, too. These Magician Annuals are real fun to read. They are a great window into the past.

1st edition 1908, Gamage Ltd., London; 98 pages.

  1. The Editor to His Readers, Will Goldston
  2. Juggling Manipulations, Paul Cinquevalli
  3. Crayon Drawing for the Stage, J. F. Burrows
  4. Barrel and Packing-Case Tricks, Carl Rhein
  5. Simple Coin Tricks, D. Devo
  6. Old Programmes and Play Bills, Horace Goldin's Collection
  7. Confessions of an Amateur Magician, Henry Ridgely Evans
  8. Indian Tricks, Gustave Fasola
  9. Expose, W. D. Leroy
  10. Goldin Cartoon, "Limelight"
  11. Rehearsals, London and Country
  12. Lesson on Ventriloquism, Robert Dunning
  13. My Best Trick, Horace Goldin
  14. Popular Favourites, See Index Page
  15. Optical Illusions, Edmund H. Wilkie
  16. Will Goldston's Nightmare, George E. Hobbs
  17. Favourite Managers and Magicians, See Index Page
  18. An Indian Story, Howard Thurston
  19. An Egg-citing Moment, "Sylvester"
  20. Card and Coin Tricks, Adrian Plate
  21. Egg and Handkerchief Trick, Carl Hertz
  22. The Celebrity Trick, Sydney Lee
  23. The Great Will Goldston, George E. Hobbs
  24. Simple Second Sight, Ess Gee
  25. Pictures of Celebrities, Baron Low
  26. Group of Magicians, George E. Hobbs
  27. Story Without Words, Baron Low
  28. Notions, Robertson-Keene
  29. Handcuff Story in Pictures, George E. Hobbs
  30. Effective Sleights and Black Magic, Hercat
  31. Illusions for Illusionists, Will Avis
  32. Simple Tricks that are Difficult, L. Laurie
  33. Palmistry, Eileen Elyce
  34. Practical Points on Palmistry, R. Darius
  35. Hints for Elocutionists, Leah Laurie
  36. Hoop Rolling, Everhart
  37. A Dancing Doll, D. Devo
  38. Latest Conjuring and Stage Illusions, Will Goldston

word count: 69466 which is equivalent to 277 standard pages of text