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Magicseen Full Page Ad

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Magicseen Full Page Ad by

You will get a full color page of advertisement in the next issue of magicseen. (If you contract a page ad for 3 issues or more we offer a 10% discount. Please email for details.)

  • Your ad will appear both in the US edition as well as in the UK edition. (Even though they are printed in two locations they are identical in contents, both editorial contents and ads.)
  • Your ad will be hyperlinked to your website in the digital edition. (A single click will take the reader to your product page or website. It is the most direct way to connect an ad to sales.)
  • You will receive 20 copies of the printed issue free of charge. (You can do with them as you please. You can sell them if you have a retail store, or you can hand these out as gifts to friends and colleagues.)
  • Your ad will appear in the taster PDF that is made available for free download about 4 weeks after the issue appears. This taster PDF is also included in the Reel Magic Magazine DVD which is distributed to all its subscribers.

You will be able to specify preferred positioning. For example you might want to have your ad appear on a right hand side, or a left hand side, or be the front inside cover, or the back inside cover, or be somewhere in the first half or the second half of the issue, etc. However, those positioning instructions cannot be guaranteed. Of course, the ones first in line will have a higher chance of getting what they want. You can specify your preferences in the comment box during checkout.

Issues typically appear March, May, July, September, November, January. Artwork deadline is one month in advance. This means 1st of February for the March issue, 1st of April for the May issue and so forth.

Ad Specifications

Publication size: 215.9mm x 279.4mm (US Letter)

Full Page: 215.9mm x 279.4mm (+3mm of bleed on all edges)
Double Page Spread: 431.8mm x 279.4mm (+3mm of bleed on all edges)

We accept the following formats:

  • PDF (High resolution only). All fonts embedded, 300dpi resolution, binary encoded. See for further details.
  • TIFF (no compression)
  • EPS
  • JPEG
  • QuarkXpress (collected for output). Must have all fonts and images supplied. All files must be saved at 300dpi (at 100% size). Mac compatible ideally.
CMYK for Colour ads. Greyscale for Black and White ads.

There will be a charge for resizing or converting any incorrect artwork supplied.