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Magicseen No. 33 (Jul 2010)
by Mark Leveridge & Graham Hey & Phil Shaw


(1 customer rating) ★★★★★

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Magicseen No. 33 (Jul 2010) by Mark Leveridge & Graham Hey & Phil Shaw
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Vol. 6, No. 3, July 2010; 68 pages.

Cover: Kockov
This months feature article comprises two interviews: the first with Russian mentalist and magician Kockov, and the second with Jasper Blakeley, the man behind this larger-than-life character.

  1. Welcome
  2. Letters
  3. News
  4. Arthur & Leslie Stead's guide to using music in your act
  5. Simon Lovell - Magician, ex-Magician, Magician!
  6. Interview with Joaquin Ayala - from Mexican teenager to Las Vegas superstar
  7. El Loco: a magician's rebirth
  8. Profile: Cool young magician Stephen Williams
  9. The Essential Magic Conference - Background & Preview
  10. Kockov - A Russian Original
  11. Jasper Blakeley, the man behind the Monrokvian character
  12. Magic in Hungary
  13. An interview with Sandy Marshall, author and son of Jay Marshall
  14. "Siegfried & Roy: Unique in All the World" - The story behind the book
  15. Masterclass
    • "Coin Bottle, Bottle Coin" by Andy Clockwise - Knocking an American half dollar through a bottle shrinks the coin to half-size; knocking it out again causes it to grow three times its original size.
    • "The Price Is Right" by Ian Adair - a "Just Chance" effect using bar codes
    • "Watchers" by Lewis Jones - A word test, based on the 500+ page Dean Koontz novel, "Watchers". The effect uses up to 60 freely-selected page numbers, from which one page is selected. The performer then divines information about a chosen passage on that page.
    • "Who's Under the Blanket?" by Andy Clockwise - This is a children's party game that incorporates music and guessing which child is secretly covered by a blanket. Lots of fun for 5 to 25 minutes.
    • BCA by Bernard Sim - A four-coins across routine with no extra coins; no table required.
  16. The World of Fake Coins - Part 5
  17. Reviews
    • Andy Clockwise's "Cheque Mate"
    • Gaetan Bloom's "Bloomeries"
    • Ponta The Smith's "Sick"
    • Bob Solari's "Swami Secure"
    • Mark Lee's "Drift"
    • Patrick Redford's "Prevaricator DVD"
    • Will Tsai's "Tsunami Project"
    • Bob Solari's "Fan See Card Rise"
    • Matthew Garrett's "Monty the Spiv"
    • Robert Osterlind's "Challenge Magic DVD"
    • Bob Swadling & Nicholas Einhorn's "Pro-Flite"
    • Jeff Stone's "Stone Frixion Fire DVD"
    • Bob Solari's "Right and Wrong"
    • Noel Diamond, Mike Caveney, Ricky Jay and Jim Steinmeyer's "Magic 1400s-1950s"
    • Alexander 'Sandy' Marshall's "Beating a Dead Horse"
    • "Between Three Minds" DVD
    • Bob Solari's "Incredible"
    • Pieras Fitikides' "Twitter"
    • Mark Southworth's "Tin Opener"
    • Chris Kenworthey's "Mastermind"
    • Andrew Regnauld's "Feckin Spiders" (eBook)
    • Mathieu Bich's "Reversible"
    • Bob Solari's "The Omega Gimmick"
    • Nick Langham's "Royal Command"
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