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Magicseen No. 34 (Sep 2010)
by Mark Leveridge & Graham Hey & Phil Shaw


(1 customer rating) ★★★★★

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Magicseen No. 34 (Sep 2010) by Mark Leveridge & Graham Hey & Phil Shaw
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Vol. 6, No. 4, September 2010; 68 pages.

Cover: Rafael, Belgium's king of cool. The feature article showcases the many acts (from Comedy Dove to Vampire) of Belgian stage magician Rafael.

  1. Welcome
  2. Letters
  3. News
  4. George Luck's interview of Finnish cardician Miika Pelkonen
  5. Impossible Bottles (deck of cards in bottle) discussion with master craftsman Phil Evans
  6. Grumpy Old Magician whinges
  7. A guided tour of the Magic Circle library
  8. Brian Caswell talks about magic trick descriptions
  9. An introduction to Dove Magic: Advice from experts Lance Burton, Tony Clark, Scott Penrose, and Brian Sefton
  10. Rafael
  11. An interview with TNA wrestler and amateur magician Desmond Wolfe
  12. Mark Leveridge's review of "The Essential Magic Conference": A Live Internet event featuring performances, lectures, talks, and discussions by 33 top professionals
  13. A review of Peter Clifford's magic show "Peter's Friends"
  14. In The Phonebox: A short discussion with magic creator and magician Jamie Daws
  15. An interview with magician and mindreader Chris Dugdale. Chris has worked for Lance Burton and performed for everyone from Angelina Jolie to H.M. the Queen.
  16. The magicseen MEGA-QUIZ! - A contest comprised of 30 questions about the first 30 issues of magicseen
  17. Masterclass
    • Mark Leveridge's "Favourite Characters" - Use four children's story characters to give any four tricks a coherent theme
    • Ben Prime's "Bias" - An easy card move that can be used as a control, a force, a production, a memory demonstration or of deadcutting
  18. An interview with escapologist, knife thrower, fire eater, glass walking Cynthia Morrison, AKA The Great Cindini
  19. Stuart Millward talks about the ups and downs of running a 'bricks & mortar' magic shop
  20. 12 things you wouldn't want to hear a magic dealer say
  21. Dealer's Booth: A profile of magic dealer Dave Forrest. His website deals mainly with card effects and offers a selective list of exclusive effects, downloads, and videos. There are also free video effects and Dave is interested in marketing other magician's worthwhile effects.
  22. Reviews
    • Magigadgets utility device "Electro-Magic Squeeker"
    • Gabe Fajuri's book "Mysterio's Encyclopedia of Magic and Conjuring"
    • Gregory Ferdinand's packet trick with DVD "Trick or Treat in the Land of OZ"
    • Merlinswakefield's puzzle/trick "Miser's Rings Magic Puzzle"
    • Mat L'Anoire's PDF eBook "Nevermind, The Mentalism of Mat L'Anoire"
    • Chad Long's close-up effect "Flash"
    • Bob Solari's card trick with gimmick "Royal Opener"
    • Gary Jones & Mark Bendell's mentalism effect with special cards "Thought Wave"
    At A Glance
    • Scott Strange's DVD "Odd Balls"
    • Jeremy Pei's DVD "Powerful Rope Magic"
    • Wayne Houchin's DVD "Control"
    • Christopher Ballinger's utility gimmick "The Shark"
    • Johan Stahl's DVD "Sleeveless Sleeving"
    • Luis Otero's DVD "Cartificios"
    • Paul Romhany's DVD "Lunch Date"
    • Andrew Mayne's DVD "Inversion"
  23. Next Issue

word count: 32953 which is equivalent to 131 standard pages of text