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Mainly Manipulative Magic
by John Alborough


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Mainly Manipulative Magic by John Alborough

From the introduction by Lewis Ganson:

Seeing the late Edward Victor on stage at the now defunct Metropolitan Theatre in Edgware Road, London, when John was a small boy, started his interest in magic. Later he became enamoured with the manipulative magic of Geoffrey Buckingham, so it is not surprising that Victor's expert thimble magic and Buckingham’s excellent manipulation of billiard balls, should have had a marked influence on the type of magic John performs. Having met and enjoyed the confidence of these two magicians and studied their books, he built his own act. Certainly the Victor / Buckingham influence is there but John has developed a style of his own and is responsible for much original material – particularly in the simplification of methods.

  • Introduction by Lewis Ganson
  • Foreword
    • Flip Under Vanish and Production
    • The Up and Down Roll
    • The Back Catch
    • My Favourite Billiard Ball Routine
    • Transposition of a Billiard Ball to Four Thimbles
    • An Opening Thimble Routine
    • Production of Four Thimbles
    • Thimble Through Silk
    • Slow Motion Vanish of Four Thimbles
    • Lighted Candles from Silk
    • Candle Through Silk
    • Candle Go
    • Untying Knot
    • The First Colour Change
    • The First Penetration
    • The Second Colour Change
    • The Second Penetration
    • Miracle Penetration
  • Conclusion

1st edition 1978, 92 pages; 1st digital edition 2018, PDF 92 pages.
word count: 15259 which is equivalent to 61 standard pages of text

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