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Making Mondo Magic: a tale of three routines
by Enrico Varella


(3 reviews, 3 customer ratings) ★★★★★

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Making Mondo Magic: a tale of three routines by Enrico Varella

Enrico Varella, corporate trainer and world-class distance runner from Singapore, is an experienced magician, and VP of the IBM ring 115, 'The Great Wong Ring' in Singapore.

Enrico has performed in over 22 countries in live performances as well as on television. He is also the creator of "Tiepit", a jacket-less topit - check it out!

The three routines described herein are favorites of Enrico, having been refined after countless performances over 25 years.

XXX-Traordinary - 3 coins materialize, one at a time, each then becomes "invisible", and then, materialize once again!

Nocturnal Fantasy - A five phase rope routine with a short rope that extends to a very long rope which is cut, restored and separated again. Then a Professor's Nightmare routine ensues with all three ropes becoming equal in length and finally morph into three different lengths.

Punch and Truly - A truly unique "card-stabbing" effect in which your hand reaches into the air and grabs four signed selections from the deck, which was thrown into the air!

These are truly professional routines that will really "wow!" and entertain your audiences.

1st edition 2016, 38 pages; photo illustrated.
word count: 6262 which is equivalent to 25 standard pages of text

Reviewed by Jeremy Tan
★★★★★   Date Added: Tuesday 14 June, 2016

Enrico teaches you 3 different effects that you can perform together (as an act), or by its own. His attention to detail and patter are well woven into each effect. Which is hard to find nowadays. He makes the Magic look seamless and has a good flow from start to end - as he literally adds a "punch" at the end of this 3 piece worker. Definitely a must have whether you are just starting out in Magic or a seasoned pro! Highly recommended!

Reviewed by Bernard Sim
★★★★★   Date Added: Tuesday 08 March, 2016

I have known Enrico for a very long time and I have seen the live performance of the routines in the book many times. I like the coin routine as it is a full routine and can be done standing. It is not difficult to do. At $8, this is a steal.

Reviewed by Paul Lelekis
★★★★★   Date Added: Saturday 27 February, 2016

I have known Enrico for a number of years, and even though we live on different sides of the Globe, I am privileged to call him my friend. He is a world-class runner and a world-class magician. These three routines are superb and will find a "home" in any magician's repertoire. Buy it'll be glad you did!

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