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Manual of Publicity and Exploitation
by Robert A. Nelson


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Manual of Publicity and Exploitation by Robert A. Nelson

This revised and updated handbook is Nelson's answer to your insistent demand for vital information on publicity and exploitation.

The Manual tells you a score of ways how to get free front page publicity - effective newspaper and magazine tie-ups - question and answer columns - merchant tie-ins - radio and TV guest appearances - publicity and exploitation stunts that mean more and better bookings at higher fees.

Learn how to properly sell your act to the Public - The Bookers - The Theatres Clubs and All Buyers of Entertainment. After all, without proper advertising, publicity, exploitation and knowledge of how to attract people, the finest attraction is utterly worthless.

The Manual tells you how to present your attraction or services to bookers and buyers of entertainment - necessary advertising accessories - display ads - box office pulling stunts. In short, how to sell your show for the highest figure.

The utilization of any one idea in this manual may prove itself worth a hundredfold the cost of this ebook. A few aggressive showmen will appreciate this fact.

This ebook is crammed full of important and little-known ideas that pay off like a slot machine at the box office. Tells what to do and not to do. A comprehensive summary of the vast experience personally acquired by the author and a host of top-ranking successful mentalists.

While the Manual of Publicity and Exploitation was written specifically for and about mental attractions, it is of equal value to the magician, hypnotist and mystery worker, as the basic fundamental principles of securing publicity and selling your attraction to the public are the same. Every mystery worker can capitalize on the valuable data and suggestions contained in this ebook.

In addition, this new, revised edition brings you nearly a dozen pages of material not included in the previous edition, including photos from Nelson's radio, TV and stage career as mentalist Korda RaMayne.

Are you a Nelson collector? This book was listed as No. 308 in the Nelson Enterprises catalog. Now you can add this must-have book to your collection.

"I think your 'Manual of Publicity and Exploitation' is one of the best things written for the person who is serious about getting ahead in mentalism." - Eddie Joseph

"After reading your 'Manual of Publicity and Exploitation' and 'Encyclopedia of Mentalism,' they are both beyond question the finest works in their field. I am thoroughly pleased with your attention to detail and masterful technique." - Dick Johnson

1st edition 1948, PDF 79 pages.
word count: 20815 which is equivalent to 83 standard pages of text


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