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Master Sleights with Billiard Balls
by Burling Hull

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Master Sleights with Billiard Balls by Burling Hull

A series of original sleights with miniature billiard balls including an explanation of the author's ball stand and vanishing apparatus, and a thirty minute manipulative act.

Owing to the remarkable increase in the popularity of experiments with Miniature Billiard Balls, since the publication of “Expert Billiard Ball Manipulation,” and to the frequently expressed wish that I might have something further on this subject to offer Manipulative Artists, I have been induced to delay the publication of the next volume of the series and give preference to a supplementary volume of original ball manipulations.

This publication of my effects which I had intended to reserve strictly for my personal use is evidence of the sincere appreciation I feel toward those whose earnest support has made my former work the most successful publication of its kind. That this volume will not fall short of the ideals of those who induced its preparation, is my sincere hope.

  • Preface
  • Materialized Ball
  • That "Shell Game" Again!
  • Burling Hull Twirl
  • Perfection Twirl
  • "One On You"
  • "The Ball That Went Out Of Sight"
  • Lightning Ball Vanish
  • "Chapender's Change"
  • The Invisible Trap
  • Interlocked Finger Acquitment
  • Some Billiard Ball Stands
    • The Three-Cup Stand
    • Cluster Stand
    • The Burling Hull Swing Stand
    • Burling Hull Combined Billiard Ball Stand Manipulative Contrast Screen And Vanishing Apparatus
  • Billiard Ball Act
  • To My Friends And Former Patrons

1st edition 1914, 31 pages; PDF 32 pages.
word count: 8237 which is equivalent to 32 standard pages of text