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33 Rope Ties and Chain Releases
by Burling Hull


(1 review, 2 customer ratings) ★★★★★

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33 Rope Ties and Chain Releases by Burling Hull

The art of rope tying and methods of obtaining releases from ropes, chains and shackles. New cut and restored rope effects including a number of original ties and releases.

  • Houdini Did Not Steal This Book!
  • Introduction
  • Special Instructions For Beginners Suggestion As To Arrangement And Application
  • Handling Committee
  • Rope Tying And Release Methods
    • The Mysterious Knots
    • The Kellar Tie
    • The Improved Kellar Tie
    • The Figure 8 Tie
    • The Mysterious Tie
    • B. H. Strangle Rope Tie
    • Important Points
    • "New Spirit Tape Tie"
    • The Twentieth Century Tie
    • B. H. Triumph Tie
    • The Ten Ichi Thumb Tie
    • The Excelsior Rope Tie
    • The Rings And Vest Trick
    • Novel Faked Rope
    • The Novelty Tie
    • Release
    • Cotton Bandage Test
    • The Cabinet
    • B. H. Collapsible Cabinet
    • B. H. Folding Cabinet
    • Tape Tie
    • The Vest Turning Trick
    • Vanishing Knots
    • Dissolving Knots
    • The Magic Knot
    • The Linking Ring
    • Borrowed Ring On Cord
    • The Master Challenge Of Mummy Tie, With 50 Of 75 Feet Of Rope
    • Being Tied In Any Position General Instructions
    • Tied In A Chair
    • The Siberian Transport Chain
    • B. H. Simplified Chain Release
    • The B. H. "Best" Chain Release
    • The B. And H. Chain Release
    • Mysto Shackle Escape
    • Ankle Shackle Escape
    • B. H. Chain Shackle Release
    • Spirit Locks
    • Old Model Spirit Locks
    • B. H. Spirit Lock
  • The Chained Sack Escape

1st edition 1915; 1st digital edition 2015, PDF 52 pages.
word count: 19082 which is equivalent to 76 standard pages of text

Reviewed by Scott Voshell (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Wednesday 18 May, 2022

One of the best books on this subject - a real classic.