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Mental Mashup
by Ken Muller

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Mental Mashup by Ken Muller

A special offer for the holiday setting of small groups and unknown audiences. A demonstration of enhanced empathic/telepathic awareness and influence ideal for casual events with an unknown audience. Very old techniques and methods are applied in a new way that can be entertaining but are also very impactful. There is a lot of material here beyond the effect description: presentation theory, psychology, volunteer selection, and more.

There are three different approaches for presenting this routine: Triple Influence, Prelude and Embrace. The latter two use advanced techniques of Aware&Cue, Gestalt Influence and Responsive Summarization for enhanced audience engagement and Impact. This can be presented as Telepathy, Empathic Awareness, Influence or Clairvoyance, or a combination - hence the Mashup title.

The entire audience is educated in various paranormal themes and participates in many free choices to guide the presentation. Thus, what you learn in this demonstration can help you decide what to do next, as you discover the interests, fears, and experiences of the group.

It can be performed with full social distancing and mask requirements.

Three spectators spaced six feet apart make free choices based on intuition and the mental influence of the others. They must balance keeping a secret, focusing on the needs of others, and avoiding distractions. The performer is a guide to the growing empathic awareness of the participants but assists with extensive experience and honed insight. The results will astonish everyone and are different for every demonstration.

You are across the room and cannot see what the volunteers are doing with their paint-chip cards, yet you control the outcome and final reveal that everyone will accept being the result of mental influence or telepathy.

No expense beyond four ziplock sandwich baggies and a trip to the local home improvement store for free paint samples. No gaffs, sleights, or special skills beyond a lot of experience in live audience engagement, confidence, and observations skills. There are sample verbal scripts provided with detailed step instructions. For Prelude and Embrace you need a whiteboard or drawing pad to record audience choices of colors and abilities.

This is fun to perform and allows you to get to know an audience before presenting your "good stuff." The danger is that it will be considered better than your favorite mentalism effects. You will be creating a "real experience of telepathy" for participants and observers that can serve as a prelude or segue into other mentalism demonstrations. The hidden benefit for the performer is enhanced intuition and empathy useful in other demonstrations.

1st edition 2021, PDF 32 pages.
word count: 17289 which is equivalent to 69 standard pages of text