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Mental Recipe
by Ken Muller

#1 Balls, Eggs, Dice & Cups author
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Mental Recipe by Ken Muller

A complete, multi-phase mentalism routine using a standard cookbook and recipe cards as a demonstration of mind-to-mind communication in a blending of telepathy and empathic awareness. No boring single words or numbers. Food. Tasty dishes.

A progressive series of telempathy effects using images of food, flavors and party fun in which the performer and audience members take turns sending and receiving accurate mental pictures for recipe cards and any common food recipe book. These employ 'Beta Framing Techniques' that allow the performer to be across the room when the cookbook is opened to a random page.

The entire audience gets involved in image training and receiving vibrant thought images for a real experience of mind-to-mind communication. Recipe cards and cookbooks are "Carry Books" that can be found in every home and carried by folks to work or a park.

This ebook has extensive support material on performing, mentalism and psychology, plus a useful glossary of terms and concepts. Four complete presentation modules plus an optional fifth for a full routine that can be adapted to many audiences or combined with other mentalism demonstrations.

1st edition 2021, PDF 97 pages.
word count: 52030 which is equivalent to 208 standard pages of text