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Mind Spark 2: Mental Logs Unlogged
by Unknown Mentalist

#3 Mentalism & Spiritism author

(1 review, 3 customer ratings) ★★★★

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Mind Spark 2: Mental Logs Unlogged by Unknown Mentalist

Mental Logs is a well known routine. But it generally remained a math puzzle and never got to become a mind blowing miracle, at least for many performers. Mental Logs Unlogged, although based on the basic principle of mental logs, has been treated with a double dose of steroids and zooms up very high in terms of impact and impossibility.

First, you do not need to carry your mental logs anymore. Second, the theme here gives you a plausible reason to use sets of 4 digit numbers. Third, a few business cards is all you need to perform these amazing routines. Fourth, the basic principle has been significantly improved here to add many layers of deception and a few cool subtleties and yet remains extremely easy to learn and perform. Fifth and finally, even though the participants lie 95% of the time, the performer is able read their minds accurately - and repeat the process too, if needed.

You can even perform these routines blindfolded.

  • No peeks, no switches, no impressions, no center tears.
  • No sleights, no preshow, no stooges, no instant stooges.
  • No dual reality, no multiple outs, no electronics.
  • Nothing to reset. Instantly repeatable with a different outcome.
  • Suitable for close up, street, parlor or stage.
Extremely easy to present by the performer and also extremely easy for the helper to participate in. If presented well, this can truly fry your audience.
"Wow! Should be in every mentalists' pocket" - Marc Salem

1st edition 2017, 13 pages.
word count: 3145 which is equivalent to 12 standard pages of text

Reviewed by David Burmeister (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Monday 19 June, 2017

Another GREAT EFFECT by the UNKNOWN MENTALIST. I've never owned MENTAL LOGS but am familiar with plenty of ADD A NUMBER type effects both with gimmicked and ungimmacked props. I've used this type of effect for both mental effects and for memory type effects. This truth Liar effect that THE UNKNOWN MENTALIST has put out would completely drive me crazy if I seen it done in a show. It seems that hardly any information is given to the mentalist, yet in the first part of the effect the mentalist comes up with the total of four unknown pin numbers. In the second effect the spectator does truths/lies about the total of four unknown pin numbers and the mentalist not only reveals the four pin numbers but also when added up by another spectator, it matches the total of the first spectator. I would recommend to definitely buy 6 dollars you have a steal while it lasts. Also another great mathematical truth /liar effect is REVERSAL PLUS by MICHAEL DANIELS. They are both GREAT. I recommend knowing both.