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Minute Magic
by Clettis Musson


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Minute Magic by Clettis Musson

This is all close up, intimate magic, with very little preparation, props you can find in any home, no expense, no skillful sleight of hand needed. It is called 'Minute Magic' because it is ready in a minute, for use at a moment's notice. Tricks with pop corn, sugar, bread, olives, salt, pepper, string, money, paper, gold fish, etc. 36 effects in all. Illustrated.

1st edition 1953, 36 pages; digital edition 2012, 35 pages.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Magic Pop Corn
  3. Sugar From Bread
  4. Tantalizing Tissue
  5. Flash Change
  6. Speedy Ring Vanish
  7. Can You Do It?
  8. A Startling Production
  9. Out Of The Sugar Bowl
  10. The Startling Cubes
  11. Potato Production
  12. It Can't Be!
  13. See Thru Vision
  14. Challenge Improved Ring And String Trick
  15. Tri-Flight
  16. A Real Twister
  17. Variation Of A Real Twister
  18. Double Penetration
  19. From The Purse
  20. The Diminishing Half Dollar
  21. Impromptu Triple Transposition
  22. Change About
  23. The Amazing Paper Balls
  24. Making Money Fast
  25. Multiplying Paper Balls
  26. Impromptu Transposition
  27. Double Your Money
  28. Cup And Coin Penetration
  29. Miracle Cut And Restored String
  30. Out Of Thin Air
  31. One To Five
  32. Making Money Backwards
  33. Olive Juggling
  34. Floating Foolery
  35. A Cute Novelty
  36. It's Alive
  37. Goldfish Phantasy
  38. Salt Or Pepper?
  39. The Many Threaded Needle

word count: 17081 which is equivalent to 68 standard pages of text