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Modern Mentalism
by Giochidimagia


(1 review, 1 customer rating) ★★★★★

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Modern Mentalism by Giochidimagia

Secrets, principles, tricks and psychology for the modern mentalist

For the modern mentalist finally a complete treatise on the methods of mentalism that speaks to you. The ebook aims to practice, the way in which achieve the effects. In this ebook you can find the principles used in mentalism, forcing, multiple outputs, the choice of magic, the technique of step ahead of the viewer, the dual reality that the subliminal suggestions. You will learn the effects of the great mentalists, touch a person at a distance (3 methods), revealing the pin of a credit card or the phone of a friend and other information. You will know all of the tools used by mentalists and an incredible pre-order the deck of cards (SI Stebbins) pass then to the metal bending, spoons, keys and forks. You'll get cold reading scripts and hypnosis to be used immediately. You'll discover the art of pseudo hypnosis and finally to improvise a version of the Berglas Effect. If you are looking for something really practical that you talk about methods and get straight to the point Modern Mentalism is what's right for you.

In this ebook you will find:

  • Multiple outs principle
  • Mind reading with "one step ahead" principle
  • Mind-reading nail writer
  • Force
  • Revelation of the skin tattoed card
  • Muscle reading with pendulum dowsing
  • Zener cards and sound reading
  • An incredible method to perform mind reading
  • Memorize the sequence of an entire deck shuffled by the spectator and reveal a card in the position indicated by the spectator
  • Dual reality
  • Mind reading through visual signals
  • Revelation of the PIN for an unknown credit card
  • Subliminal suggestions, psychological methods
  • Book Test
  • Find out which hand is hidden a coin in, with tricks and psychological methods
  • Pateo force
  • Magic Choice
  • A spectator thinks of something, the mentalist calls a psychic friend and passes the phone to the viewer which will reveal his thoughts
  • A person touches an object without the mentalist seeing it, the mentalist still can find out who has touched the object
  • Synchronized drinks
  • Improvised partners
  • Psychokinetic touch (3 methods), you can touch a person at a distance
  • Stop Heartbeat
  • Invisible deck
  • Si Stebbins Deck
  • Svengali Deck
  • Carbon paper
  • Peek wallet
  • wallet for mentalists
  • TV methods, preshow, partners, hypnosis
  • Bending metal, keys, spoons, forks, different methods
  • Cold reading
  • practical script ready for use
  • Pseudo Hypnosis
  • Hypnosis, what is hypnosis, hypnotic induction, hand glued to the table, amnesia of the name
  • Berglas Effect
  • improvised version
  • Bonus - unpublished effect, the mentalist comes on stage carrying a box he places on a table in spectators' view. Invite a spectator on the stage and ask him to think of something. The spectator opens the box on the coffee table the mentalist never touched and finds inside is inside the exact prediction of what he thought.
1st edition 2016, 123 pages.
word count: 23796 which is equivalent to 95 standard pages of text

Reviewed by Christian Fisanick (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Sunday 16 October, 2016

I was just recently asking myself the question, why isn't there a book of fundamental mentalism concepts, a la an updated version of Corinda, to take into account modern topics such as which hand, propless mentalism, electronics, dual reality, cell phone effects, etc.? Sure, there are some wonderful fundamental DVDs, such as Richard Osterlind's own 13 Steps or Dan Harlan's stuff out of Tarbell, but for those of us who like to read in addition to watch, a new book would be great. And then this import, purporting to be just that, arrived. Modern Mentalism, a translation of an original Italian edition, promises itself as a primer on all things mentalism--multiple outs, Svengali Deck, Invisible Deck, hypnosis, psi touches, nail writer, predictions, the Berglas Effect..a veritable encyclopedia of technique. But does it succeed? No. While these and other topics are discussed, they are glossed over and treated in almost cursory fashion. If you have absolutely no knowledge of any mentalism effects, then this book may have some value to you, just to get an overview of the subject matter. But if you have any experience at all, this way overpriced work will leave you cold. It's just so disappointing, from the trivialization of important topics (no real discussion of peeks, center tears, or billets that I could see) to the meager explanations (You need to force a card. Here, this is exactly one card force method. There you go.). And the translation has lots of mistakes. (It's "treatise," guys, not "treaty." Oh wait, you actually did get that correct once at the end of the book.)

In the end, you have a poor value for your money with this ebook. For half the price, Corinda still reigns supreme as the timeless fundamentals book. Maybe someday someone will update it. Heck, someone could just annotate it in the margins with some modern methods and notations of things that are archaic. Heck, maybe I'll do that myself one day after I retire. But until then, read Corinda and treasure it. It's the one primer that you need, not Modern Mentalism.