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Modern Miracles in Magic
by Richard W. G. Van Ray


(1 customer rating) ★★★★★

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Modern Miracles in Magic by Richard W. G. Van Ray

No matter if you're an amateur, semi-pro, or make your living from magic, there's gold in this ebook for performers of every ilk. Seventeen effects in all are included, ranging from card tricks to mental tests, to geek magic (such as you'd find in a carnival sideshow) and even a full-fledged illusion!

In the "Hammered Nails" effect, members of the audience are invited to drive several spikes or large nails into a trio of wooden boards with a sledgehammer. One of the boards is selected, and the performer - with his bare hands - pulls out the spike. This is "geek" magic at its best and an effect your audience will talk about for weeks after seeing it.

"The Vanishing Lady" illusion is another winner, that can be performed on stage, or in someone's home. An ordinary sheet is wrapped around the girl, and can even be raised to show her legs and feet. When the sheet is unwrapped, the lady has vanished. And get this: absolutely no elaborate stage equipment is necessary.

Contents include: Amazing Business Card Trick; Cigarette Paper Tear Mystery; The Traveling Handkerchief; Vanishing Water Glass; The Discovered Don Juan; Scientific Pulse Reading; Hindoo Ring and Rope; Hole in Handkerchief; Psychic Card Reading; Three Card Mystery; Swallowing a Knife; The Vanishing Lady; The Blossoms of May Yo San; Paper Balls of Mystery; Egg and Handkerchief Transformation; and more.

No skill or sleights are required.

"We especially like the pair of 'geek' effects that are included, such as a spectator might see performed inside the '10-in-1' tent on the carnival midway." (From the Publisher's Introduction by B. W. McCarron)

1st edition 1944, PDF 46 pages.
word count: 13444 which is equivalent to 53 standard pages of text