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by Unknown Mentalist

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Multilateral by Unknown Mentalist

This includes physical products, a set of 3 special business card-sized gimmicks and a cute little wallet/case to hold them all together, which will be shipped to you. The PDF can be downloaded instantly from your digital shelf.

Main Effect - A participant merely thinks of anyone from among 4 or 6 famous personalities. This is a completely free choice and there is absolutely no force. Then the performer divines the participant's thoughts and writes it down on a business card and hands it over to the participant to hold. When the participant reveals her chosen person, it matches with what the performer earlier wrote. Since the details of the personalities might not be known to everybody, the participant herself can verify these on google. As a kicker, the performer shows how she was totally influenced right in the beginning. A stunned reaction is guaranteed.

Nothing is spoken or written down by the participant. There is no preshow, no stooges and no sleights. No swami, no switch and no gimmicked business cards. And there are no 'multiple outs'. The performer makes only one prediction/divination and it is always in full view. Everything is examinable.

You can add more phases and more kickers to the main effect. Everything is explained in detail.

Multilateral is a powerful principle that can be used for many other applications. In a way, this is the good old 'multiple outs' principle on steroids. It can also be described as 'multiple ins' as against 'multiple outs'. Surely, this will get your own creative juices flowing in different directions.

"I loved it. Super simple but very effective." - Luca Volpe

"You've applied some great reverse thinking to the idea of multiple outs, well done. I like it!" - Marc Paul

1st edition 2018, 18 pages.

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