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by Bob Farmer

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Turnantula by Bob Farmer
"The sleight ... is to my knowledge new and is certainly a lovely maneuver promising wide applicability. If anything can shine through the welter of material being published today, I should think this sleight deserves to. It is quite simply, very, very good ... your applications ... [are] ... excellent in their construction." - Stephen Minch

"... [Turnantula] ... is quite excellent and I have never seen anything like it before." - Roy Walton

"The venomous bite of the Turnantula caused me to see outstanding close-up card magic that may not have been possible otherwise. Buy it now before an antidote is discovered and spoils everything." - Richard Kaufman

"Turnantula confused and amused me for years. I asked Bob repeatedly for a video and explanation. It only took 12 years, but, at last, here it is. I've made up the practice deck as Bob suggests and, at my advanced age, am learning a new sleight. That's how good it is. If you love great card magic, get this." - Matt Field

Watch Harapan Ong use it in a small packet trick here. The routine is fully explained in the manuscript.

There is a magic deep state fed by an underground river of suppressed and secret information shared by a few, jealously guarded and never discussed among the general magical demi-monde. For decades, Turnantula was just such a secret. But now, forced as a condition of his parole (along with 100 hours of community service), the reclusive Bob Farmer has ripped asunder the iron veil of mystery and legend and laid bare the real work, the secret work, the work of a lifetime.

Harapan Ong, in collaboration with and Bob Farmer ran a contest for Turnantula uses and the winner was Emiliano Martinez Santamaria of Mexico. See the video here. A full explanation is included in the manuscript along with a new effect by Bob Farmer based on Emiliano's deck.

As part of that selfless sacrifice, Mr. Farmer is posting here the inner workings nakedly presented by this short video. But this video is only 5% of the secret - you can only find the rest in the manuscript.

    • Effect
    • Method
    • Comments
    • Packet Version
    • Three - Card Monte (Ordinary Cards)
    • Routined Three-Card Monte
    • Three - Card Monte (Gaffed Cards)
    • King Thing
    • King Thing Card By Card
    • Royal Flush Thing
    • Harapan's Royal Flush Thing
    • Variaton of Harapan's Royal Flush Thing
    • Triple Change
    • Brain Television
    • Effect
    • Preparation
    • Set-Up
    • Performance
    • Triumph
    • Cut To The Ace
    • Drop Kick
    • Drop Kick II
    • Dawes Delightful Delusion
    • Sympathetic Turnantula
    • Deck Appears In Box
    • Sneakier Piggy-Back
  • The Rumba Count
  • Carlyle Turnover Move
  • The Remraf Reversal
  • Thank Yous
1st edition 2018; updated 2020, PDF 85 pages.
word count: 18707 which is equivalent to 74 standard pages of text

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