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Mutanz by Bob Farmer & Roy Walton

A bizarre packet trick.

Inexplicable, unexplainable, enigmatic, and just plain weird. A cascade of alchemikal conundrums. A phantasmagoric orgy of cabalistic conjuration. A bewildering bafflement of uncanny dimensionality. Strange and supernatural forces twist and possess ordinary cards until they become grotesque mutants - in the hands of the spectator!

No angles. Everything examinable. Resets instantly. Satisfaction guaranteed or we'll apologize. Warning: This ad contains bombastic hyperbole and unconscionable embellishment.

When the going gets weird the weird get Mutanz!

EFX: Four (4) duplicate cards are shown back and front (assume four Queens of Clubs).
#1: One Queen is turned face down. The other cards magically turn face down.
#2: One Queen is turned face up. The other cards magically turn face up.
#3: One Queen is turned face down. Once again, the other cards magically turn face down - and are shown one by one on both sides.
#4: A Queen is placed in the pocket: it vanishes and appears face up among the other cards.
#5: Two of the Queens are placed face down in the spectator's hands. Their faces vanish, leaving all backs on both sides.

But that's not all - the two cards retained by the magician become all faces on both sides. The grotesque mutations are left for microscopic examination by the horrified audience.

"If you are interested in fooling - REALLY fooling - Fast-Company men, well-posted, blasé cardmen, Twist fanatics, smarty-pants lay people, laid-off rocket scientists, mathematicians with and without "beautiful minds," "undergrounders" (who haven't seen the sun since 1962), grumps who want to put cardistry practitioners' brains in a jar, and card cheats on the run - then buy, borrow, or steal Bob Farmer's version of Roy Walton's, CASCADE. In fact, it is MORE than a "version;" it has drifted into another realm." - Jon Racherbaumer

"Bob Farmer's MUTANZ scared the hell out of me. That's how good it is." - Matthew Field

"Bob: I was dismayed when I saw the effect after purchasing it. I was in the same frame that others are about throwing out the ... cards at the end, but I decided since I spent the money I would give it a try. WOW! I have absolutely blown away the lay audiences with this effect. The ending has such a startling climax to them that they just sit there slack jawed. They are even a little afraid to touch the cards. I use a little different ending (mostly patter, not routine) and it is such a crusher that it has moved up to one of my absolute automatics to show new guests at the bar. And for everyone else out there: don't buy it, it sucks, it doesn't work. (hope that keeps me one of the only ones out there doing this)" - Park Alsop

"If the spectators believe you really can do magic, this effect is a stunner!" - Linking Ring Reviews

"... Mr. Farmer has hyped this effect with pre-release emails and descriptions that made me think the effect was going to be a lot weirder - along the lines of real Bizarre Magic - than it really is. What else am I to think when the writing on the package says, "A Bizarre New Packet Trick..." and "A Phantasmagoric Orgy of Cabalistic Conjuration"? It's not that bizarre. The ending is a bit off beat and in the eyes of laymen certainly surprising and hard to explain, but don't let Mr. Farmer's advertising efforts keep you from checking out what is a straightforward effect with a kicker ending."

(Note from Mr. Farmer: I was kidding and aping some bizarre ads that used to appear in the Linking Ring from Ricardo. The reviewer took my words a bit too seriously.)

"... Mr. Farmer sees the world differently than most people and, for that matter, most magicians. Perhaps this accounts for many of his clever creations he has released to the magic community."

"... Mr. Farmer's staggered version of the Elmsley Count is interesting -- something I've not seen before. Those of you who enjoy mastering counts will appreciate the subtle way in which you are able to get a spectator to think he's seen both sides of all four cards. This moment occurs just before the finale making it especially pleasing. The instructions are superbly written with an abundance of photographs and checkpoints to help you through the learning curve of multiple phases and sleights of this packet trick. Also, the concluding page has an eleven-step "Bare Bones" summary to refer to as you are cementing the order of the moves into your memory. Though he gives you a theme of "a mutant card" to use in your presentation, a full patter is not included...." - Danny Orleans, Genii


1st edition 2002, updated 2020, PDF 10 pages.
word count: 4337 which is equivalent to 17 standard pages of text