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Pasteboard Perpensions
by Wesley James

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Pasteboard Perpensions by Wesley James

Once in a great while an intelligent and thought-provoking work is released to the magic fraternity. On those rare occasions, the craft is moved closer to the attainment of ultimate perfection. It exhorts those who read it to more profound thought. This is such a book and we are honored to bring it to you.

Pasteboard Perpensions was the first major offering from Wesley James, a name that has long been respected among the underground. His book is not fluff, rehash or re-workings of existing handlings. Every one of the twenty-five plus items in this book adds something new, significantly improved, refined or innovative and powerful to the arsenal of card magic. Among these are six new four-as-four Elmsley-style counts. These counts and the way they are presented are sure to change the techniques used in today's packet effects and should encourage the creation of new routines as well. The improvements to Marlo's Diminishing Lift Switch (The BRBD-DLS) and Hamman's Gemini Move (The Virgo Move) should revive and inspire new interest in these extraordinarily flexible techniques. Wesley starts the ball rolling with a powerful, humorous, and highly commercial routine from his professional work, The Impeccable Follow-Up.

For those of you interested in completely new techniques, you'll find the Fake Reverse Reverse, Drop Cop Switch and T-Ace-T Test of tremendous interest.

Interested in heavy but practical techniques? Try the Torrales Bottom Deal and Sure Theory Second Deal. If you're of a creative bent, "Assemblies - A Categorical Perspective" is must reading. It should provide the starting point for innumerable Assembly/Disassembly effects that have been unexplored heretofore.

In sum, Pasteboard Perpensions was destined to be and has become one of the seminal works of the 1990's. It is now available as a fully hyperlinked package. You receive the two-book set; 56 information packed pages in the main book (83 pages in total) and 86 clear, computer captured line drawings in the separate, hyperlinked Illustration book; all for one very reasonable price. The linked two-book set allows you to have the illustrations available with the text where you need them.

1st edition 1990, 1st digital edition 2017, 83 pages.
word count: 19779 which is equivalent to 79 standard pages of text