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New Pentagram Magazine: 10 Tricks from Volume 10
by Aldo Colombini

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New Pentagram Magazine: 10 Tricks from Volume 10 by Aldo Colombini

More magic from the pages of Peter Warlock's legendary magazine.


  • CONTRASTING PREDICTION (Max Maven): A red-backed card is shown as a prediction. A blue-backed deck is spread face up and a card is selected. The prediction card is a perfect match.
  • ALTERNATING CURRENT (Norman Houghton): Two sets of four cards each, one face up and one face down. You place them together and the cards magically alternate, face up, face down all the way through.
  • RED VERSUS WHITE (Peter Warlock): This is a transposition effect using two balls, say one red and one white. Involves a cup and some sleight of hand. Neat effect.
  • VINTAGE TRANSPOSITION (Nicholls Harley): Two freely selected cards change their positions.
  • GIANT THIMBLE (Lewis Ganson): A very strong and entertaining routine using a miniature chop cup (or any chop cup as a matter of fact), in many phases.
  • DIGITAL DIVINATION (Arthur Carter): A very strong prediction using a deck of cards where, after a deal, you predict how many cards the spectator holds.
  • KINKS' MATE 3 (Arthur Carter): The four Kings are placed on the table and a spectator picks one. The deck is cut. If the selected King is the KH, the card cut at is the QH.
  • UNTAMED (Bob Gill): An original version of the Wild Card routine you will love performing.
  • ACE TRANSFEROO (Jack Avis): A production of the four Aces with a neat transposition of their colors.
  • DOUBLE-OVERCUT (Max Maven): An impossible double location. From a shuffled deck two spectators select a card each (free choice) and yet, you reveal them.