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New Pentagram Magazine: 10 Tricks from Volume 12
by Aldo Colombini

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New Pentagram Magazine: 10 Tricks from Volume 12 by Aldo Colombini

More magic from the pages of Peter Warlock's legendary magazine.


  • MURDER BY SUGGESTION (Stewart James): Two cards are used to find a murder suspect.
  • DOUBLY IMPOSSIBLE II (Michael Symes): Two selected ESP symbols are predicted by you.
  • THREE INTO ONE (Jack Avis): A stunning routine with a series of revelations using just a regular deck of cards.
  • AUSTROLOGY (Max Maven): An easy routine with cards that can be done also over the phone (you could use Tarot cards, Zodiac sign cards, etc.).
  • BEAUTY AND BOTTLE (Someran): A fun routine to perform using cards with bottles and ...girls.
  • ONE MORE LIE DETECTOR (Bob Neale): A packet of four Kings and four Queens is used as a computer to detect the validity of a spectator's response to three questions and to locate his mentally selected card.
  • JACOB'S ELEVATOR (Hans Trixer): A clever routine on the classic theme of the ELEVATOR, where four cards pass from top to bottom and vice versa and reverse in the middle of the deck.
  • MATH MURDER (Max Maven): A ghost (?) reveals on a board a number selected by a spectator.
  • OPEN INTRUDER (Alex Elsmley): A FREELY selected card is the only one with a different colored back in the entire deck. A great variation of the classic Open Prediction theme.
  • WHERE IS IT? (Victor Monleon): A spectator selects a card. He cuts some cards and counts them secretly, let's say 9. Then his card appears at the 9th position.

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