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Not Your Ordinary Card Tricks
by Scott F. Guinn

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Not Your Ordinary Card Tricks by Scott F. Guinn

Are you tired of the same old card tricks? You know what I mean...

“OK, I’ll deal down three rows of seven cards each, and you just tell me which row contains your card...”


“Was this your card? No? How about THIS one?”

or maybe...

“Now, the fifth way I’ll find the four aces is...”

or even...

“Look! For the 22nd time, your card has risen to the top of the deck!”

Sometimes it’s good to get off the beaten path. Sometimes, you just want to do something different. Sometimes, you want to take a deck of cards and perform some routines that are not your ordinary card tricks! Maybe a little something like this:

A blue-backed selection transposes, both face AND back, with a red-backed joker!


A tale of a deadly poker game in the Old West comes true, as the participant’s signed selection turns out to have a bullet hole through its heart and a wanted poster on its back!

or maybe...

The events from the motion picture “The Fly” occur in real-life and in goosebumps-raising detail with a pack of cards!

or even...

The existence of a parallel universe is proven, by demonstrating that whatever happens in a small packet of cards also happens in the rest of the deck, even though it has been sitting in full view on the table!

These four effects and nine others await you in Scott F. Guinn’s latest book, Not Your Ordinary Card Tricks. All of these routines either have offbeat plots or are classic plots that have a unique twist. Your spectators will almost certainly never have seen card tricks like these! All taught in the detailed, friendly style Scott is known for, along with a plethora of photos to make everything crystal clear. You’ll be performing these gems in no time!

Not Your Ordinary Card Tricks is a 124 page ebook with 194 photographs, teaching thirteen card routines straight out of Scott’s professional performing repertoire. All the required moves are explained and there is a hyperlinked sleight index to make it easy to get a quick refresher for that move that still needs a bit of work.

Buy this book today, and show everyone that the card routines YOU perform are Not Your Ordinary Card Tricks!

Level: Easy - Intermediate

1st edition 2009; 124 pages.
word count: 25538 which is equivalent to 102 standard pages of text