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The World's Worst Card Player
by Scott F. Guinn

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The World's Worst Card Player by Scott F. Guinn

This is the 10-card poker deal that is getting raves from the magic community. This routine is lots of fun, has a strong presentation, and it takes the "sting" out of things for the audience participant.

Scott's full professional script is included. This is a very funny, entertaining routine that will endear you to the audience and make the participant look like a hero. EVERYBODY wins! 15 pages of Scott's now famous crystal clear instruction, complete with the thinking behind the routine.

Yep, this is definitely a real winner!

Level: EASY!

Dear Scott, Thank you very much for your "World's Worst" 10 Card Poker Deal! At once you impressed me with your mature handling of the Jonah Card, and naturally with your "world's worst card player" plot, to which I completely agree! So you leave the spectator(s) with a pleasurable feeling. Your routine reveals your wide experience in dealing with spectators, no wonder, as a successful pro. Thanks again for this performance suggestion, which I really will use, in particular as I like to work with Jumbo cards. Kindest regards, Reinhard - Reinhard Müller

Scott's is the best routine I have found to make the spec the winner. I have a few different versions but I will be using Scott's. It also handles problems like who shuffles and mixes, etc. I like it. It's nice because you allow the spec to win--even when you win you lose! - John Cesta

I purchased Scott Guinn's routine. Very nice. I like it. It makes the spectator the winner, and is all around entertaining. Great deal! Thanks Scott! - rowdymagi5 (The Magic Cafe)

Very nice, well scripted routine that can be used with just about any 10 card handling you like. - David VanVranken

Guys, take a look at this routine by Scott F. Guinn. A great routine, excellent. He didn't really need to but he even took the time to go over the method and not just the presentation. Value for money = Excellent. Actual content = Awesome. For an entertaining and fair routine check this out. - Peter David Harrison

I too got Scott's version and think it's great. I highly recommend it. - Paul Churken

I got Scott's routine for Ten Card Poker deal. It's a nice touch on getting out of making the spectator the loser. It's easy to track the Jonah and there's lots of room to add more phases if you'd like. It's a good deal for the price. - Greg Arce

I love this trick. It's simple, entertaining and most of all it takes the sting out of some magic performances. I have never liked the "magic boy never loses" idea. If you are an arrogant, pompas pain in @#!*% type performer (and sadly none of you know who you are) you should pass on this one. But, if you enjoy entertaining people and making them feel like they would like to see more of your tricks then this is the perfect effect. - Brett Bauscher

I think every magician should read this. All too often our magic is about ego gratification. A problem is that we carry this into plots, particularly game plots, where we win and the spectator loses. Face it, the game is rigged in our favor. I think Great Scott asks a vital question, "Can you laugh at yourself?" If the answer is yes, you just might transform some of your routines into powerhouses, like Scott's effortless, engaging, packs-small-plays-big 10 Card Poker Deal. - Darrin Cook

"The World's WORST Card Player" is very nicely done. It's been revamped and at a steal for a great take on the 10 Card Poker deal. This is not difficult at all and plays big and is very interactive. It's a wonderful effect, very entertaining and quite easy to do, and with it you really can't lose. I'm mostly a coin guy but Scott's brilliance with a variety of close-up magic is addicting and gets me every time to increase my repetoire. I highly recommend this. Man, it's just 10 cards but so much more. - Marion Boykin

I am really enjoying TWWCP. It's made for laughs and you get them. I do it table-hopping, and I bet them a One Million Dollar bill to their bill. More Guinn goodness. - Alec Negri

I had to check this out. I usually stay away from these kinds of routines, they feel flat to me, but I love Scott's magic so I had to check it out. Anyway, what I really like about this is how you make yourself the loser and not the spectator. You have tons of jokes just in that concept, but if you can't think of any, no big deal because Scott gives you his script with the routine. BONUS! That way you can start right away and try this out and see how it works for you, then start changing the script as you get more comfortable with the routine. Having a script in my mind is the biggest help and worth every penny spent. Plus this routine gives you plenty of time to get to know your audience better, interact and just have fun. To make a long story short I've come to the dark side--I have never done this type of routine, but will now. This routine is low stress, you don't have to worry about any sleights, just sit back and enjoy the ride. It's a keeper. - Tim Feher

1st edition 2009; 15 pages.
word count: 3277 which is equivalent to 13 standard pages of text