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Assemblies and 4-Ace Tricks
by Paul A. Lelekis


(5 customer ratings) ★★★★★

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Assemblies and 4-Ace Tricks by Paul A. Lelekis

"Paul has a great eye for a good trick. He also has a knack for combining and varying existing ideas. His enthusiasm is infectious! His latest e-book, "Assemblies & 4-Ace Tricks" contains 13 great items, very well described and including Paul's humorous patter. This booklet is a winner! Press "BUY" now. You won't be disappointed!" - Mike Powers

"Assemblies and 4-Ace Tricks is an entertainers gem from a magician who has been in the real world for decades creating wonders for paying customers! Paul is offering his pet card effects -- one which he has kept underground for years. Here you have 13 worker material magical effects gleaned, streamlined and simplified in the real world to create impact and entertainment. Deceits and magic of Marlo, Hamman, Wagner, Ortiz, Collins, Christ, Kane, Racherbaumer, Powers, Dingle, and more are handpicked for your ease of reading and performance." - Roy Eidem

Those who perform with cards know that great effects NOT requiring the spectator to "Pick a card, any card!" are far and few between…but NOT SO with this tome, Assemblies and 4-Ace Tricks!

Paul has amassed a Baker's Dozen of excellent effects (that's 13 effects if you don't know how to cook!) from his own repertoire as well as others who have created classics. These effects are not only engaging to the lay audience, but also provide very colorful and diverse patter combined with amazing magic.

Paul not only presents some of his own creations, played thousands of times, but also some time-honored effects by some of the masters such as Ed Marlo, Henry Christ, Stanley Collins, Bro. John Hamman and Peter Kane.

Those familiar with some of these effects will be able to appreciate some of the updating and modifications created by Paul. EACH AND EVERY ITEM HAS BEEN USED OVER AND OVER! These are not "wish-tricks"…but tried and true winners.

Below are Paul's 13 offerings:

  1. Fantasy Jacks – Paul has kept this trick a COMPLETE SECRET for over 20 years now! It is one of his absolute favorites. The spectators' imaginations will produce magic – so impossible – that women will SHRIEK! It's THAT GOOD!
  2. Discrepant Assembly – 8 blank cards are displayed and arranged in the "T" formation, and then assemble, one by one, to the leader Ace. When these five cards are turned face up - they are seen to be a Royal Flush. This is a great effect.
  3. Imaginary Assembly – A very funny effect that involves the spectator. The deck is cut by the spectator and only those cards are used to form a "T" formation. Cards vanish and "fly" invisibly, to the lone leader Ace. Suddenly the leader Ace is seen to contain FOUR CARDS…the four ACES! An absolutely AMAZING effect. This effect is also performed by Michael…but he called it "Invisible Assembly"!
  4. Collins' Poker Aces – Stanley Collins' Aces is another amazing classic that will never die. Paul has added a Poker phase that can involve 1, 2, 3 or 4 spectators. You shuffle the deck and then deal the 4 Aces to whichever hand the spectators choose…and it's self-working. How cool is that?!
  5. Pinnacle Aces and Counting – Paul combines Henry Christ's classic routine with one of Paul Cummins' best tricks…this routine is absolutely BRILLIANT!
  6. The 3 Ace Trick – Hilarious! The four Aces are removed from the deck. Each time the Ace of Spades is removed…it is found back in the packet…four different times. Frustrated, the magician then squeezes the 4 Aces into one signed selection. Magicians around the globe have raved about this trick.
  7. Marlo's Bluff Assembly – A wonderful 4 Ace assembly that is impromptu. Best of all…it is easy to do. This assembly and the next one were Marlo favorites.
  8. Marlo's Favorite Ace Assembly – This was Marlo's absolute favorite. Arthur Buckley said it was the very best Ace assembly in existence. A one by one assembly that is so easy to do. An Underground classic.
  9. Jazz Jacks – Paul has taken Peter Kane's Jazz Aces and brought it up to date. This assembly will have your spectators wide-eyed…guaranteed. This routine is simplicity itself…your spectators won't know how to react - and so simple to do!
  10. Wild Jokers – 4 freely selected cards are all shown to be the Ace of Spades. Then all four are shown to be Jokers. They turn back to all Ace of Spades and then all four cards turn to be the four Aces. Learn some great sleights with this trick!
  11. Trapped! – The two red Kings trap the four Aces…but that's just the beginning. A signed selection is then placed quite fairly into the middle of the deck. The two Kings are shown, front and back as they are placed on top of the deck. With no moves whatsoever, the 2 Kings trap the selection! This is a real magician-fooler!
  12. Horse of a Different Color – This is a rendition of effects by Bro. John Hamman, Daryl and J.C. Wagner. However the main impetus comes from the genius of the late British performer, Jack Parker. There is another rendition of this effect by Andrew Loh published in The Linking Ring's Card Corner in March 2008. Paul added a "twisting phase" that brings this effect to a new level!
  13. Jumping Jacks – This is one of the most powerful double revelations imaginable. And the spectator does the magic. Watch the look on their faces. And the best part is that it is easy to do. Two methods are given.

    BONUS! Purchasers of this e-book will be given the username and password to Michael Powers' website to Paul's effect below. Take a leisurely stroll through Michael Powers Mall of Magic. His moves section will thrill all the card guys.

    This next effect can be found in one of Paul's other e-books…but it is so good that he wanted to share it again…it certainly "fits the bill" here – you will also find it on Michael Power's website,, in the MOVES section at the bottom.

1st edition 2013, 40 pages.
word count: 18262 which is equivalent to 73 standard pages of text