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OPS Magic: F.U.N. Presentation Series
by Ken Muller

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OPS Magic: F.U.N. Presentation Series by Ken Muller

Overture - Prelude - Scaffold as alternative presentation modes for crafting a magic routine (conjuring or mentalism).

What to do with a mixed or new live audience where little is known about their experience with live magic, conjuring or mentalism? (might apply to Zoom type presentations as well)

How can you discover their interest and expectations for what you can offer without wasting your best routines or risking interruptions?

This ebook will guide you through an exploration of three alternative presentation modes with a 'mixed audience' where little is known of their expectations, experience, conflicting obligations or available time. These might be viewed as an alternative to crafting a routine, or as sub-categories of good organizing and planning functions.

This is offered and written on the assumption that the reader is competent in the standard concerns over "giving a good performance," and capable of doing something in each of those scenarios. The issues addressed herein will be of little value for those without live performance experience and a satchel of mastered effects and routines.

No effects are explained herein, but many popular ones are discussed or used as examples.

Each mode is explained in-depth and in detail to support organizing and planning functions for those performers desiring both flexibility and control over today's small audience venues. Information is drawn from other than 'magic' sources such as business development, speech communication, sales training, and instruction theory. (my experience)

One of these modes is part of most F.U.N series ebooks.

1st edition 2022, PDF 44 pages.
word count: 22335 which is equivalent to 89 standard pages of text