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Orson Welles: The Man Who Was Magic
by Barton Whaley


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Orson Welles: The Man Who Was Magic by Barton Whaley

This Orson Welles ebook is a case study of an individual that was able to think "out of the box". Each small fact presented leads to the whole of a thinking process that will always provide an unexpected Third Option. The process that is presented here is the kernel of all deception theory. It's why Bart is called the "defining expert" of deception and counterdeception (the detection of deception) by the intelligence communities of many countries.

Not only does it personify the Whaley Deception Theory it presents the genius of Orson Welles through all his creative work, not just Citizen Kane. Orson Welles was not the pitiful individual that some biographers present. This unique presentation of Orson Welles not only buries many of the old myths but, for the first time, presents him not just as a stage and film celebrity but as the extraordinarily multi-talented and creative thinker that he was.

  • About The Author: Editor's Notes
  • The I Of The Beholder
  • Part I: The Making Of A Magus (1915-1934)
    • Sorceror's Apprentice
    • Thurston, Houdini, & Mr. Long
    • Boy Magician
    • Young Machiavelli
    • The Dublin Gate
    • Atlantic City Swami
  • Part II: New York!, New York! (1934-1939)
    • Broadway Unlimited
    • Harlem Nights And Stage Voodoo
    • The Magic Of Sound & The Sound Of Music
    • Playing Faust And Loose
    • Bull In The Afternoon
    • Mercurial Moments
    • The Shadow Knows!
    • Mindreaders Extraordinary
    • The Vaudevillian And His Unholy Five
  • Part III: Early Hollywood (1939-1941)
    • Westward Ho! Ho! Ho!
    • Manky Panky
    • The Camera As Magic Box
    • "A Touch Of Rhinestones"
    • Native Son
    • The Trade Of The Tricks
  • Part IV: Hollywood After Kane (1941-1947)
    • Ambersons And The Magic Of Light
    • The Mysterious Orange Tree
    • Journey Into Fear And Loathing
    • Sessions With Fu-ManchĂș
    • Rita Maid: How To Recruit A Magician's Assistant
    • Framing The Mercury Wonder Show
    • The Wonder Show Opens
    • The Show Must Go On
    • Follow The Boys
    • Magical Medley
    • Mexican Melodrama
    • Special Services
    • Film And Life
    • Jokers Wild
    • Around The World From Boston To Broadway
    • Town Skryer
    • Lady From Shanghai
    • Jazz Man
  • Part V: World Vagabond (1947-1956)
    • Black Magic In Rome
    • The Moor Of Morocco And Venice
    • "An Evening With Eartha Kitt"
    • Harry Lime Meets Winston Churchill
    • With The Oliviers At Notley Abbey
    • The Moor Of London And Cannes
    • Masquerade
    • Moby Shtick
  • Part VI: American Interludes (1956-1966)
    • Las Vegas Magic - "Horsin' With Orson"
    • I Love Lucy And Desi
    • TV Magic
    • How To Predict Presidential Elections
    • Touch Of Evil
    • Return Of The Bullfighter
    • In Kafkaland
    • Falstaff In Quixoteland
    • Orson Welles Versus James Bond
  • Part VII: Auld Lang Sang (1966-1972)
    • The Great One And A Mis-Made Lady
    • Shazzam!
    • How To Recruit Orson Welles
    • Of Rabbits And Men
    • F For Fake - Deception Pure And Simple
  • Part VIII: The USA (1972-1985)
    • Back To The USA
    • Carefree In Arizona
    • An Artist's Eye: Set And Costume Design
    • Director's Cut
    • How To Con A Con
    • In A Magic Castle
    • The Last Magic Show
    • Business And Pleasure At Ma Maison
    • On The Magic Set With Orson Welles
    • More Magical Appearances
    • Picks & Pans - The Magician As Critic
    • A Rather Bizarre Magickian
    • Into The Mind Of A Magician
    • Mr. Memory
    • Tricks No Treats
    • Time & Chance
    • Final Cut
  • Conclusion: Two Questions, Two Answers
    • The Big Brass Ring
    • An Open Book
  • Appendices:
    • A. Magic Voice, Wonder Words
    • B. When The Credits Roll
    • C. Auteur! Auteur!: Welles And Auteur Theory
    • D. The Great Manipulator
  • Bibliography
  • Cast Of Characters

1st edition 2006; 663 pages.
word count: 340314 which is equivalent to 1361 standard pages of text

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