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Other Stuff 1
by Dale A. Hildebrandt

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Other Stuff 1 by Dale A. Hildebrandt

"Other Stuff" is an e-journal edited by Dale with the motto "No Playing Cards Allowed". Issue One is a One Man Issue featuring the work of Caleb Strange.

There is an amazing maze effect, a sensational chair routine, a trick with your television, and much more.

1st edition 2005; 40 pages.

  1. Welcome to Other Stuff
  2. Caleb Strange One Man Issue Introduction – Dale A. Hildebrandt
  3. Regarding Caleb Strange - autobiography
  4. The Lost Mazes of Britain – The performer guides a spectator through his selected maze
    1. Penetralis – The Lost Mazes of Britain in close-up
    2. The 5 minute labyrinthine memory stunt
  5. The Spectral Chair – a spectator experiences disturbing sensations form an object
  6. Flipping the Coin – a borrowed coin changes in the hands of spectators
  7. Leading then gently by the nose - stories and magic
    1. The Snakes in the Well
    2. Making Contact
  8. Oscillate Wildly – spectators’ pens behave oddly in their hands
  9. Particle Stream – trick with your television
    1. Chuckle in the Dark - routine
  10. A Tale of Two Pebbles – identities are switched, as the deceiver becomes the deceived

word count: 15006 which is equivalent to 60 standard pages of text