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Other Stuff 4
by Dale A. Hildebrandt


(2 customer ratings) ★★★★★

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Other Stuff 4 by Dale A. Hildebrandt

In the Final Issue of Other Stuff, you'll find contributions from Kenton Knepper, Paul Alberstat, David J. Greene, Paolo Cavalli, Peter Marucci, Adam White, Caleb Strange, and Dale himself.

1st edition 2006; 43 pages.

  1. Introduction - Dale A. Hildebrandt
  2. David J. Greene's Greenbacks - a one dollar bill and a five dollar bill change places in the spectator's hands
  3. Words, Mentality and Their Power in Magic - Kenton Knepper - excerpts from an interview
  4. Video Review of Basic Palm Reading for Magicians - Paul Alberstat reviews Bill Perron's video
  5. No-Gimmick Hopping Halves - Peter Marucci
    1. Lecture Notes and Magic Effects bt Peter Marucci
  6. Playing Ghost Chairs - Dale A. Hildebrandt - a follow-up to Caleb Strange's "The Spectral Chair" from Issue One
  7. Wintergreen Lifesaver Gag - Dale A. Hildebrandt
  8. Death Warrant - Paolo Cavalli - the mentalist reveals a name selected by a spectator, who then finds a message from a spirit
  9. Sweet Pain - Paolo Cavalli - a spectator chooses a bag for the mentalist to crush to avoid a serious injury
  10. Camp Dragon - Dale A. Hildebrandt, Adam White & Caleb Strange - a bizarre and frightening story of death at a comp
  11. Inverted Cross - Dale A. Hildebrandt - announcement of new magazine

word count: 10112 which is equivalent to 40 standard pages of text