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by Ron Jaxon


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Outsmokin by Ron Jaxon

A Hilarious cigarette routine for smokers or nonsmokers. No matter what the magician does he can't get the right end of the cigarette in his mouth. Even when he tears the filter off, it magically appears back on the wrong end of the cigarette. Visually stunning and always gets laughs. Watch a demo video below.

The magician decides to take a cigarette break. Just as he's about to light the cigarette he realizes that the cigarette is in his mouth backwards. So he does the obvious and flips the cigarette end for end and puts it back into his mouth. To his surprise the filter is still on the wrong end of the cigarette.

He positions the cigarette at about chest level with the filter end pointing toward his mouth. It seems like he finally got the right end to his mouth but the moment the cigarette touches his lips the filter visually jumps to the other end of the cigarette.

Out of frustration he tears the filter off the cigarette and drops it in his pocket. When the now filterless cigarette is placed into his mouth the filter magically appears on the wrong end of the cigarette again. On the very last attempt the filter magically jumps to the center of the cigarette. The magician finally gives up and says, "I quit", and this odd looking cigarette is tossed on the table and can be examined.

  • Very easy to perform
  • Visually stunning
  • Very entertaining
  • Never fails to get laughs and giggles
  • Can be performed with an Anti-smoking theme
  • For Stage or close up
  • A real Reputation maker
  • It's as fun to perform as it is to witness
  • Ends Clean with multiple ending possibilities included
  • The method is probably not what you think it is!
Many magicians who have purchased this trick say that the method isn't what they thought it was when they watched the video. They say the actual method is easier and better then their assumption. There are no moving parts!

Includes images and detailed description on how to perform this trick and how to construct the gimmick out of common everyday material you probably have right in your home. You could be performing this trick today!

1st edition 2004; 10 pages.
word count: 2800 which is equivalent to 11 standard pages of text

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Magic & Conjuring / Cigarettes, Candles, Matches & Fire

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