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by John Gelasi


(3 customer ratings) ★★★

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Pack3t by John Gelasi

Note: All YouTube demo videos linked from the PDF are unavailable. Explanatory text and photos are complete.

John Gelasi presents three all new killer packet tricks that you can perform with any deck!

Pack3t is an ebook containing three packet tricks that you will use for all of your impromptu situations. Grab any deck, and using just the cards you take from it, you're ready to perform impromptu packet tricks that don't even look impromptu.

Magic of the impromptu category is always nice to have under your belt so you're ensured to have tricks that deliver, even when you leave your favorite plastic wallet at home. All three routines have been proven effective, and yet are relatively easy to do.

Packet Tricks Featured:

  • Cycling Enthusiasts: Gordon Bean's classic "Bikers" with regular cards. Four Jokers "fall off their bikes" (some visually) and become Kings.
  • Gemini Revelation: The classic "Jumping Gemini" with a selected card and loads of magic in just four cards, all leading up to a change your spectators won't see coming.
  • Once Daley: A step up from Dr. Daley's classic Last Trick. Red and Black aces transpose twice, then trap a selection.
  • Also includes a special bonus effect.

"I enjoyed reading this eBook. These are packet tricks that use any deck and will suit all skill levels. The routines are very effective, with a nice economy in moves and some neat construction." - Peter Duffie

"Once again John's enthusiasm for card magic shines throughout this collection." - Paul Hallas

1st edition 2011; 17 pages.
word count: 3701 which is equivalent to 14 standard pages of text