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Still Small, Still Deadly
by Paul Hallas


(7 customer ratings) ★★★★

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Still Small, Still Deadly by Paul Hallas

A new 2020 edition of the sequel to Small But Deadly and a continuing exploration of packet tricks, their creators and the evolution of plots and methods, discussion and analysis of effects plus routines to add to your repertoires. If you loved the first book, then you'll love this one too. This new edition now has 212 letter sized, information packed pages. Includes updated chapters, new chapters and now 668 packet effects get mentioned throughout.

Includes effect contributions from:

"This is a great book that belongs in every card magician's library." - Bob Farmer.

"I love this book! The writing is light-hearted and often humourous." - Robin Dawes.

"Terrific reference works." - Alan Smithee.

"Highly recommended!" - Paul A. Lelekis, The Linking Ring magazine.

"There is gold in here people, just dig for it! Don't be a Johnny come lately as I was with Paul's first offering" - Dom Kebala, The Magic Café.

1st edition 2010. 1st digital edition 2013, PDF 184 pages; updated 2020 PDF 213 pages.

Table of Contents

  1. Foreword by Arthur Emerson
  2. Author's Introduction
  3. Exactly What Is a Packet Trick?
  4. Howard Adams and His Non Sleight Packet Effects
  5. Solvang 13 by Howard Adams
  6. E.S.P. Magic or Coincidence by Paul Hallas (Solvang 13 variant)
  7. Numerical Reverse
  8. Combo Count 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
  9. Dyslexia by William Goodwin
  10. Max Maven
  11. Word and Letter Packet Effects
  12. Spooky Transposition
  13. Peter Duffie's Effortless Output
  14. Jerry Mentzer’s "Packet Tricks"
  15. Revisiting Nick Trost
  16. Aldo Colombini
  17. Raising Hell
  18. Little Devil
  19. Another Little Devil
  20. David Regal
  21. John Bannon
  22. Head to Head Poker Deals
  23. Your Choice by Ken de Courcy
  24. Shigeo Futagawa
  25. Flushed Away
  26. Flushtronic by Paul Brignall
  27. Outflushed 3 by Hallas, Dingle and Everybody
  28. The Sting 2 by Maddison, Hallas
  29. Packet Trick Brainwaves
  30. Cameron Francis
  31. After The Selection Packet Effects
  32. Chicken and Egg Revelation
  33. Invasion of The Jokers
  34. It's A Stick Up!
  35. Gordon Bean
  36. Still Jazzing Around
  37. Slow Motion Jazz Combo by Kane, Nash and Hallas
  38. Jazz Kings by Larry West
  39. Face The Music by David Neighbors
  40. More Minimalist Assemblies
  41. Bob Farmer, Bammo Creator
  42. Where The Wild Things Are
  43. More Monte
  44. Gambler's Dilemma
  45. Not Color Monte
  46. The Extraordinary Clown
  47. Mona Lisa Packet Tricks
  48. Paul Gordon
  49. A Touch of Frost
  50. Some More Classics Revisited
  51. Liam Montier
  52. Richard Paddon, Packet Trick Aficionado
  53. Vinny Sagoo
  54. Houdini Themed Packet Effects
  55. Room 485 by David Gemmell
  56. Pre-Marital? By David Gemmell
  57. Suit-Sayers by Ryan Matney
  58. Miracle Eraser by Hideo Kato
  59. Rank Xerox by Richard Vollmer
  60. Gr-Eight by Scott F. Guinn
  61. Tailspin by John Guastaferro
  62. TCP by Cameron Francis
  63. Bravado by Peter Duffie
  64. Paul Hallas Packets
  65. Peter Pellikaan
  66. Endword
  67. Tricks Index

word count: 116378 which is equivalent to 465 standard pages of text