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Packet Mania Vol. 2
by Cameron Francis


(1 customer rating) ★★★★★

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Packet Mania Vol. 2 by Cameron Francis

More great packet tricks using some special cards, which are very easy to find.


  • FRYER: One selection and four Aces make for a unique assembly effect with a killer kicker ending.
  • WHAT THE BLANK, TOO: An examinable Wild Card routine with four blank cards and four sections. Three of the blanks print copies of three selections before a huge twist at the end.
  • SKETCHERS: A three phase stunner! Three "stickmen artists" drawn on blank cards, sketch a selection on another blank card. The drawing then switches places with the selection. Finally, the stickmen all turn into mates of the selection.
  • DUPED: Based on Darwin Ortiz's "Jumping Gemini", this is of Cameron's favorite strolling packet effects! Can be done completely in the hands and instantly resets.
  • THE REGENERATORS: Previously unreleased. A corner of a card is selected from seven others. Let's say it's the Seven of Diamonds. A packet of Jokers is introduced. One of the Jokers turns into a Seven of Diamonds with its corner missing! The two pieces of card are inserted between the other Jokers and run through the packet. The Seven is now fully restored and can be examined.

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