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Paul Stadelman

Paul Stadelman

(Hopkinsville, Kentucky, USA: - 18th March, 1971)

Enlisted in WWI in 1917. Pro magician (aka "Sandu") to pro ventriloquist. Column (as "Thor") in Thayer's Magical Bulletin in 1920s. In 1934 founded the Abbott Get-Togethers in Colon, Mich. Wrote Secrets of Sandu (1933, 22pp) and Sandu Writes Again (1934). Invented Polka Dot Paint (by 1953).

(Photo shows Paul and Trudy Stadelman.)

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Paul Stadelman

Sandu Writes Again by Paul Stadelman

Written by a past master at the art of misdirection, many of the effects are off the beaten path, revealing the original and creative mind of the author. Here's what magical inventor R. W. Hull had to say about a few of Sandu's original mysteries:

In "So Simple" is a mystery that has baffled the brightest minds who've seen it, when you're able to tell how many cards a spectator has cut from a shuffled deck.

"The Sequence of Suits" can be made into a dandy "betcha" stunt and becomes more fun the more times it is repeated.

"Sandu's Prognostication" is something a little different. It is a delightful...

2020 / 2 / 11

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Paul Stadelman

Secrets of Sandu by Paul Stadelman

Two books in one, containing the secrets of a professional's act of club and mental magic, plus his favorite card effects.

We love it when a working performer tips the actual methods from his act. And that's what you get in the first half of this enjoyable ebook, which was originally released as a limited edition. The second half contains Sandu's favorite card effects. While not all of the effects in this section are self-working, they rely on sleights that the average performer already knows.

Inside you'll find described a pair of excellent livestock effects that you can make yourself;...

2020 / 2 / 4

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Paul Stadelman

Polka-Dot Paint by Paul StadelmanThese are just the instruction sheets that came with the trick for those who may have lost the instructions or curious how the trick is done. These instructions DO NOT TELL YOU HOW TO MAKE UP THE TRICK, just the secret behind the trick.

EFFECT: A board is shown and two paint cans; one can containing Polka-dot Paint and the other Striped Paint. Magician remarks that he often wondered how polka dots were made. He found out they use Polka-dot paint. He dips a brush in the proper can and proceeds to paint the board with polka dots! Turning the board over he says he has also found some striped...

2016 / 10 / 15

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Paul Stadelman

For Ventriloquists Only by Paul StadelmanProfessional dialogues
  • Introduction
  • Who's Crooked?
  • School Daze
  • Just Laughs
  • Hotel And Restaurant
  • Quizology
  • Some Closing Thoughts

1st edition 1964; updated 1966; 1st digital edition 2016, 29 pages.

2016 / 7 / 26

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