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Secrets of Sandu
by Paul Stadelman

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Secrets of Sandu by Paul Stadelman

Two books in one, containing the secrets of a professional's act of club and mental magic, plus his favorite card effects.

We love it when a working performer tips the actual methods from his act. And that's what you get in the first half of this enjoyable ebook, which was originally released as a limited edition. The second half contains Sandu's favorite card effects. While not all of the effects in this section are self-working, they rely on sleights that the average performer already knows.

Inside you'll find described a pair of excellent livestock effects that you can make yourself; a pair of mental effects, including one in which a spectator plays the role of a Medium; and a hilarious borrowed watch effect that goes horribly wrong, but ends well, thanks to a just-in-time telegram. Also included are a pair of rising card effects; a thoroughly baffling production from a trio of metal tubes; and an intriguing mystery involving a billiard ball that defies gravity and travels uphill. Not only that, but there's an addition from the editor that allows the ball to answer "spirit" questions.

All in all, there are over 20 effects described, many of which will be new to the reader, due to the restricted release of the original edition.

Partial contents:

BOOK ONE: Magic from My Program: The Climax Rising Cards - The Demon Tubes - Gravity Defied - Western Union - The Watch Bag (B. W. McCarron) - The Dizzy Die - The Spider Box - Simplified Telepathy - Unique Livestock Production - Modern Mindreading - Livestock Production Box

BOOK TWO: Klever Kard Konjuring: Finger Vibrations - Burning a Lady Alive - Pocket to Pocket - Cards Read in Pocket - Elimination - Explaining the Color Change - Watch the Ace - Who Can Yell the Loudest? - Phenomenal Memory - Involuntary Telepathy - A H*ll of a Trick - The Acme Rising Cards - Always Force the Card

"Magic which has had the test of actual trial [in his act]. The material presented is excellent." - John Mulholland

"Every item described is workable, practical and possesses a degree of originality." - T. J. Crawford

"Thirteen good card mysteries are preceded by several feats of miscellaneous magic. Two production ideas particularly appeal--one from a built-up box and the other a cleverly simple method with "organ pipes" and a real routine. Mentalists will be interested in an act that combines great effect with a total absence of paraphernalia." - Tom Bowyer

"Invaluable. Contains a wealth of new and novel information--all of a practical nature." - W. J. Hilliar

1st edition 1933, PDF 54 pages.
word count: 13601 which is equivalent to 54 standard pages of text


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