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Phoenix Page Rising by Devin Knight
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"Devin Knight's Phoenix Page Rising has the potential to 'kill' an audience. Brilliant thinking and the instructions walk you through the routine with the clarity needed to present this effect. This will definitely go into my show as the closing effect. I can't imagine anything topping this!" - Tom Craven
Here is what I consider one of the most baffling effects I have ever released. This has been kept under wraps for more than 20 years and is finally being released to the magic world. It has fooled every magician it has been shown to. Read the following and ponder. Every word is true and nothing has been left out.

Performer shows three paperback books on a table. A spectator is given a free choice of any of the books. He just picks up one. There is no magician's choice or force of any kind. He can freely choose any book and hand it to the performer. The performer riffles through the book pages and stops where the spectator says stop. There are no short pages. He hands the opened book to the spectator, along with a RED lead pencil. He has the spectator remember the page number and to write his name across his chosen page sideways in large RED letters, so the audience can easily see his name against the black printing on the page.

The performer then proceeds to tear the page out of the book leaving a ragged edge at one edge of the page where it was torn out. The book is now closed and handed to the spectator. The performer does not touch the book again. The performer shows the page cleanly on both sides so the audience can see it is indeed the signed page. The performer then folds the page into quarters and places it into an empty unprepared envelope that has been examined. There are no secret slits in the envelope to secretly remove the folded page. The performer then sets the envelope on fire and drops it onto a plate allowing it to burn. While the envelope and page are burning, he asks the spectator to hold the book over the rising smoke and ashes.

The performer patters about the fabled Phoenix Bird rising. Once the envelope and page are completely destroyed, he asked the spectator what the page number was he signed; suppose it page 117. He has the spectator turn to page 117. Believe it or not, page 117 is now back in the book! The page is no longer torn and is firmly bound in the book as it was at the beginning. Yes, the page still has his signature written across it. He can tug on the page all he wants; it is firmly bound into the book, completely restored.

Baffling beyond words! There are no misprinted page numbers; you don't have to change any page number as required with the Pegasus Page effect. Here is an effect your audience has not seen before. Easy to do.

You don't have to use fire; the directions give you an alternative version not using fire, although fire is the most effective presentation.

NOTE: This trick requires an inexpensive gimmick not sold in the USA. You will have to order this gimmick from China before you can do the trick.

1st edition 2016, 25 pages.
word count: 5297 which is equivalent to 21 standard pages of text