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Pickpocket by Mel Mellers

As the title suggests Pickpocket is a magic routine themed around the concepts of pickpocketing. A highly interesting and engaging plot.

20 business cards have the names of items that people carry in their pockets. 10 of the cards are counted out by a spectator and placed into a wallet (regular unprepared wallet) the spectator decides on one of the performer's pockets to place the wallet in.

The remaining 10 cards are counted out by the spectator and placed into an envelope. Three of these cards are chosen (not selected just chosen). The performer decides which pocket the assistant should place the envelope into (doesn't have to be a pocket - could sit on them etc.)

After some comedy byplay, the assistant counts the cards in their envelope which now has only seven. The performer counts the cards in his wallet, which now has thirteen. Miraculously the chosen target cards are missing from the assistant's packet and the performer's packet contains these target cards.

  • The cards are ungimmicked.
  • No false counting.
  • Uses regular envelope (ungimmicked)
  • Uses regular wallet (ungimmicked)
  • The cards are counted by the assistant.
  • Uses clever subtly method.
  • Uses two subtle moves, that blend in within the procedural theme.
1st edition 2021, PDF 17 pages.
word count: 3078 which is equivalent to 12 standard pages of text

Reviewed by Larry Brodahl (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Tuesday 05 April, 2022

First off, understand that I love Mel Mellers' work. Not necessarily to learn a NEW trick, but to learn about NEW presentations. New ideas for how to make the tricks entertaining. Different approaches.

This booklet is no different. It's basically a SINGLE trick explained in a decent fashion. But, it's a trick you probably already know at least 1 if not more ways of doing.

Mr. Mellers' method is not new by any means, but the presentational aspects of it are!

It's a clever idea...and that's what I paid for.

Reviewed by Howard Hughes
★★★★★   Date Added: Friday 04 June, 2021

Liberally based on the classic Cards Across plot, Mel Mellers has developed this wonderful adaptation using a pickpocket theme. Whilst it can be performed with playing cards, having blank cards with named objects on them (to aid and support the pickpocketing theme) takes this effect out of the realms of a standard card effect and also dispenses with any traditional handling. Here, three items chosen by the spectator are the actual ones that transpose.

As a stand-up routine, with Pickpocket you only need the help of one spectator and there is plenty of room for byplay and laughs, if that’s your thing. Alternatively, of course, it could also be played seriously. If you’re already familiar with Mel’s work then you know the premise here is for the former!

Mel Mellers strives to always have easily understood plots and Pickpocket is no exception. The instructions are clearly written and aided by photos. In his introduction, Mel speaks of how the routine was actually inspired and came about as the result of watching a cruise ship performer having to improvise routines. This observation alone is, in my opinion, worth the price of the pdf in as much that performers should be aware of their audiences, circumstances and be prepared for all eventualities.

This is a wonderful adaptation of a classic plot with absolutely minimal props. Highly recommended - be natural!