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Pocket Predictions
by Abhinav Bothra

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Pocket Predictions by Abhinav Bothra

We all have had situations where we perform something on a video that people asks us to replicate in real life. Pocket Predictions contains two easy-to-perform predictions that can be done via a video call or in person.

CONFABULISH : A boiled down version of the classic Confabulation plot. It is simple enough to support a video call with poor network yet strong to garner the same response as the full fledged one. Here you introduce an envelope and show that it has a piece of paper inside and place it aside in full view. You proceed to ask the audience a few random pieces of information (or play the game Name, Place, Animal, Thing) and later show them that it was already predicted inside the envelope.

STEER : You ask your participant about their interests and write down five pieces of information relating to it (ex. last 5 books he/she read, if the person is a book lover) on five different pieces of paper. You make a prediction, place it aside in full view or hand it to them. Now you mix up the five pieces of paper and the participant eliminates four of them. The one left out is turned over and it is an exact match with the prediction in their hand or on the table. Uses no equivoque.

1st edition 2020, PDF 5 pages, videos 11:30.