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Popcorn Routine
by David Devlin


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Popcorn Routine by David Devlin

You are at the carnival. The sights, smells, and sounds are over-whelming. You come across a small stage with huge, colorful banners behind it. A man with a microphone walks onto the stage, and begins his bally. That's right! He is getting the crowd excited to see the Sideshow!

"Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, please gather around the stage. Another show is about to begin. We can't block the midway, so gather down and gather around. You are going to see the most amazing display of human anomaly so incredible you have to see it to believe it!

Ladies and Gentlemen, please help me welcome David Devlin to the stage. David is one of our performing geeks that we will be featuring inside our big top show on the inside and he's going to be demonstrating one of the strange feats you'll ever witness.

David was born with the ability to move objects through the cavities of his own head! He will take ordinary popcorn kernels, pop them in his mouth, and by moving muscles in his head, he will cause that enough, he will then do it with four, count 'em, four kernels, but in reverse! He will stick them in both of his eyes and up both nostrils, and believe it or not, they will travel to and out of his mouth! You've gotta see this to believe it! Ladies and Gentlemen, if you're in line, you're in time!"

This is by far one of the strangest routines that anyone can do. It is positively the vilest and most disgusting things you can do with ordinary popcorn kernels (other small objects can be substituted for the popcorn). The audience literally sees the kernel go into your mouth, and come out from under your eyeball. This is a real gross 'em out, freak 'em out, make 'em pass out routine designed to make 'em scream!

And it is easy to learn and even easier to do!

This routine is impromptu! Each phase can be performed on its own, or as a two-phase routine. David gives you all of the information that you need to know to perform this classic sideshow trick. David also gives you some really good performance tips and suggestions for those of you who want to go that extra mile.

[Note: While this is in no way the most dangerous trick in the world, it is not the absolute safest either. It is 99.99% safe, but just to cover our butts, David Devlin nor can or will be held responsible for any injuries sustained during the performance and/or practice of this routine.]

1st edition 2013

Reviewed by Devin Knight
★★★★   Date Added: Sunday 01 December, 2013

I just watched this video and it was entertaining with bits from the Simpson's mixed in. Dave has taken Ramsey's Four Bean routine published in 1952 and updated it. I am very familiar with Ramsey's method. Ramsey had you putting beans into your ears and eyes and spitting them out of your mouth. Dave has changed this a bit and has you putting popcorn kernels into your nose and one of them comes out of your eye during the routine. If you like GEEK magic, this is sure to freak out your audience. Although, there is nothing original in the methods, the video is worthwhile if you are into this kind of magic.

Eddie Joseph put in print probably the most detailed information on putting stuff into your eyes and removing it, but the printed description was hard to understand. On the video Dave gives you details, actually showing how to put the popcorn into your eye. This was very informative. He also gives you invaluable tips to avoid red and watery eyes.

As he points out in his video, you can do the whole routine or parts of it. His video comes out at the right time. On one of Criss Angels recent episodes of Believe, he does the bit where a popcorn kernel comes out of his eye. Magicians have complained that the stuff that Angel does on TV can't be done in real life (well, most of it). Here is an exception. Get Dave's video and when people comment about the Criss Angel Popcorn trick. You can do it for them.

If you have any interest in inserting stuff into your eyes for later removal then this video is a must have. Frankly, I am not into geek magic and would never do this, it is not my style, but for those who want to do this, you will find this video invaluable.

I now have a better understanding of how the eye trick works. Trying to follow Joseph's directions is something I would never have done. After seeing Dave show how it is done, I may someday try this.

Once you learn the technique you can do the thread from eye as done by both Blaine and Angel.

For those into this kind of stuff, then I recommend this.