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Power of Thought
by John Scarne


(1 customer rating) ★★★★

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Power of Thought by John Scarne

Over the years, many have (incorrectly) assumed that the "Power of Thought" effect that Scarne enjoyed performing uses the same method as the version described in the Scarne On Card Tricks book. This is not the case, as you'll be pleased to discover if you buy this ebook. This is the version Scarne himself used and (unlike the version in the mass market book), this method doesn't rely on swapping cards in your pocket. Indeed, you need not wear a jacket at all; you can perform this effect in your swim trunks if you're so inclined.

This method was originally offered by Scarne to magicians in a 1950 pre-publication offer to entice performers to buy the card tricks book. When the book was finally published, his private manuscript went off the market for good.

The effect is that the magician makes a written prediction and hands it to a spectator for safekeeping. A different spectator removes a group of 5-12 cards (a free choice of number). One person is nominated as captain of the committee. When this person's card is turned over, the written prediction is read... and it matches the previously written prediction!

No rough and smooth, no faked cards, no extra cards, no stooges, no multiple outs.

(Note: Despite the similarity in titles, this is a different effect than the one in Paul Curry's The Power of Thought manuscript.)

1st edition 1950, PDF 10 pages.
word count: 3380 which is equivalent to 13 standard pages of text