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Practical Hypnotism
by Ed Wolff


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Practical Hypnotism by Ed Wolff

This complete mini-course in hypnotism starts with the assumption that the reader knows nothing about the subject at all and then rapidly leads him, step by step, to the point where he can hypnotize perfect strangers. It is succinct, no nonsense and unpadded. Its slim 33 pages are jammed with the essential information one needs to become successful in the art of hypnotism. In the first section comprised of eight lessons Mr. Wolff stresses strongly that you achieve the goals in each chapter before increasing your skills. In these chapters he teaches many “tests” and various ways to hypnotize. In the second part of the book post-hypnotic suggestion and the legal use of hypnotism by doctors and dentists is discussed. The book ends with an introductory lecture to staging an act and gives suggestions as to what tests and demonstrations to use.

The bare bones information in this book works! Today there are many offerings to learn hypnotism in high priced books and programs that charge upwards to a thousand dollars. This book can save you many, many dollars and give you the information you need to become proficient with hypnotism.

1st edition 1936; 33 pages.
word count: 11937 which is equivalent to 47 standard pages of text

Reviewed by Adam
★★★★★   Date Added: Wednesday 11 June, 2008

This ebook is great so far, I haven't read all of it yet but what I have learned so far has worked.