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Presto Magic and Mystery
by Heritage Films

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Presto Magic and Mystery by Heritage Films

Under the title Presto Magic & Mystery, Heritage Films released a series of fifteen 8mm films (these are silent films) with magic performances during the 1950s/60s. This compilation includes eight of the fifteen films. They are:

  • Ken Brooke performing the floating pencil and a sponge ball routine (original #10).
  • Fred Lowe performs a safety pin routine, a burnt and restored handkerchief, and a cigarette and liquid-filled glass production.
  • Ken Brooke, channeling Tony Slydini, performs the paper balls and hat routine and finishes with a four paper ball assembly using two hats.
  • Fred Lowe performs a four ace production, magic with dice, and finishes with a dice stacking routine. (original #4)
  • Ken Brooke performs with coins and the Okito box. (original #11)
  • Lewis Ganson with playing card manipulation, diminishing cards, and card fanning. (This partly overlaps with what one can see in Lewis Ganson Manipulation.)
  • Kenneth Pratt shows a potpourri of table magic. (original #13)
  • Fred Lowe performs three card monte, chip assembly, and a chip silk penetration. Ken Brooke performs a cups and balls routine.

These are performance videos only. No explanations were given.

[Note: If you do have any of the other films in this collection please contact us.]

1st edition 1950s/60s, length 60 min total (each film is about 7 min long)

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