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Propless Vaccine
by Unknown Mentalist

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Propless Vaccine by Unknown Mentalist

The effect as perceived by the participant: The participant freely chooses a vaccine mentally from among several options. The participant also decides on a country that will get the vaccine doses first from among a dozen competing countries. The mind reader plucks out the country from the participant's mind effortlessly. This can be repeated several times with different outcomes.

At its core, this is a quick, high-impact propless piece that you can deploy in almost any situation like on a voice call, video call, in a virtual show, face to face close up, parlour, street etc. The performer divines the exact country the participant is thinking of. The entire routine can be performed in well under a minute.

This is a refreshing principle couched in a unique presentation. If you want you can even carry a "prop-version" in your wallet.

Pure and direct mentalism in a novel, simple form. Yet, easy to learn and perform, totally self-working but needs presentation skills. You can perform this even without knowing the method and it will still hit. Instantly repeatable with a different outcome. There are no sleights, no preshow, no stooges. No long drawn process like in most propless routines - the method is quick, effective, and deceptive. 100% surefire and hits every time. No peeks, no tears, no secret writing. No progressive anagrams, almost no memorization, no dual reality, no instant stooging. Although the routines are explained in English, the core principle can be used for almost any language.

1st edition 2021, PDF 8 pages.
word count: 1843 which is equivalent to 7 standard pages of text

Reviewed by David Burmeister (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Saturday 04 September, 2021

This eBook is something I wish I picked up sooner. I like the method very well. If you like this you might as well buy Propless Signtist as well because they both use similar methodology. WELL DONE UNKNOWN MENTALIST!!!