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Still More Miracles in Mentalism
by Robert A. Nelson


(2 customer ratings) ★★★★★

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Still More Miracles in Mentalism by Robert A. Nelson

23 leading authorities on mentalism collaborated to make this the largest and best of the fabulous series of "Miracles in Mentalism" books.

In this revised and expanded edition, you now get 49 new and original mental and psychic effects, routines, and suggestions covering the full range of impromptu, club, radio, TV and stage presentations. This wealth of new and original material has been audience-tested and proven as worthy of inclusion in your program. This one volume alone contains sufficient sensational mental and psychic effects for several programs. Many of the presentations contain full patter, too. Just look at the information and contributors included in this big volume:

  • Foreword (Bob Nelson)
  • Coptic Enigma (Bob Parrish)
  • The "Impossible" Prediction (Bob Nelson)
  • A Mental Do As I Do (Bob Nelson)
  • Life Savers with An ESP Flavor (Bob Nelson)
  • Mental Card Elimination (Bob Nelson)
  • Color Vision Outdone (Bob Nelson)
  • Brain Waves Deluxe (Bob Nelson)
  • X-Ray Eye Act Extra (Bob Nelson)
  • Business Card Telepathy (Frederic Kolb)
  • Mental Currency (The Amazing Maurice)
  • ESP Tumblers (The Amazing Maurice)
  • A Spectator Performs Telepathy (The Amazing Maurice)
  • Maurice's Handy Andy (The Amazing Maurice)
  • Newspaper Ad Test (The Amazing Maurice)
  • ESP Card Effect (The Amazing Maurice)
  • Mental Telephone Telepathy (The Amazing Maurice)
  • License Plate Numbers (The Amazing Maurice)
  • A Mental Puzzle - (Al Mann)
  • Phantini's Thought Card to Pocket (Gene Grant)
  • Phantini's Miracle Gimmick (Gene Grant)
  • Ouija-Ouija (Dick Johnson)
  • The Spirit Speaks (Dick Johnson)
  • Impromptu Headline Prediction (Dick Johnson)
  • Group Reception (Dick Johnson)
  • Undue Influence (Sid Solomon)
  • Predicted Action (Dr. S. P. Thornton)
  • Registro Prediction (North Bigbee)
  • Secret of the Flame (North Bigbee)
  • Double Divination (North Bigbee)
  • Duplico (North Bigbee)
  • Predicto (Clettis V. Musson)
  • Recognizing the Unknown (Syd Bergson)
  • Mental Blocks (James Auer)
  • Math-O-Matics (Dr. Chet Miller)
  • En Rapport Psychic Thought (Gerald Kosky)
  • Mental Cocktail (Orville Meyer)
  • Match-O-Matic (Orville Meyer)
  • Premonition - A Prize Winner (J. G. Thompson, Jr.)
  • The Little Man (J. G. Thompson, Jr.)
  • A Deck of Cards, and a Miracle (Robert G. Tripp)
  • Number Affinity (Stewart Judah)
  • Telesthesia (Dave Dowds)
  • The Devil Speaks (Alan Milan)
  • Publicity Dictionary Test (Alan Milan)
  • Thoughts on Radio Publicity (Alan Milan)
  • The "Perfect for Radio" Long Distance Telephone Test (Alan Millan)
  • Are You Ready for TV or Radio? (B. W. McCarron)
  • Headline Prediction Tip (Bob Nelson)
  • Nelson's Final Notes
  • Meet the Contributors
  • About the Author-Compiler
This ebook contains something for every performer. If you are an exponent of mental magic or have even the remotest interest, this, the third and last volume in the Miracles in Mentalism series, will fire your imagination and make you a staunch convert of modern mentalism. This is a must for every mystery worker.

Are you a Nelson collector? This book was listed as No. 674-3 in the Nelson Enterprises catalog.

1st edition 1961, PDF 153 pages.
word count: 41810 which is equivalent to 167 standard pages of text