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Publicity Secrets 3: The Ultimate Headline Prediction
by Devin Knight

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Publicity Secrets 3: The Ultimate Headline Prediction by Devin Knight

This effect will get you more publicity than any other headline prediction. It has many features that you cannot do with other headline predictions. THIS NEW METHOD INVOLVES NO SWITCHING OF THE HEADLINE PREDICTION SLIP. There is only one headline prediction slip and it is signed by the VIP! Best of all, no gimmicks are used.

This method involves so many people and has so much hoopla, it will almost ensure you front page coverage in most local papers. This headline prediction will have you on the 6 o'clock and 11 o'clock television news. It will also be discussed on local radio stations; in fact, it may get you some interviews over the radio. When I used this method, I was written up in more than 2000 newspapers worldwide and was mentioned on hundreds of radio stations throughout America. I do not say this to be boastful, but to show you the potential.

This publicity stunt involves many local celebrities, local businesses, the police department, and local media, including newspapers, radio and television stations. Not just one of these, but ALL OF THEM are actively involved in promoting your headline predictions. This is not your regular headline prediction; this is the headline prediction on steroids. This was created with one thought in mind; to create as much hoopla as possible and to get maximum coverage in the media for doing it. If you perform this effect, you will garner more coverage and publicity than you ever thought possible. The Ultimate Headline Prediction can result in thousands of dollars worth of free publicity that you do not have to pay for! This publicity stunt can make you a local celebrity overnight and will get you newspaper clippings galore that can be used to book more shows. This publicity stunt is easy to set up, because the promotion is a win-win for everyone involved. Everyone will be eager to get in involved because of all the free publicity they will receive from being involved.

What is the actual effect? The performer meets with a local politician, bringing with him an entourage of local reporters from all the local media. There may be as many as dozen reporters in the office and this book will show you how to make them want to come and the best time and day to do it to get the most people there.

The performer writes down three headline predictions in view of the reporters, but keeps the actual contents a secret. He has the VIP sign his name on the prediction slip and date it. The prediction slip is signed on both sides by the VIP, however, he is not allowed to read the predictions. This slip is then sealed inside a small envelope. The envelope is NOT switched at anytime.

The VIP signs his name on the flap, and then members of the media are allowed to sign the envelope to ensure it can not be switched or tampered with. ONCE THE ENVELOPE IS SEALED AND GIVEN TO THE VIP, THE PERFORMER NEVER TOUCHES IT AGAIN, EVEN SECRETLY. A small metal tin is introduced and the VIP is asked to scratch a secret mark on the inside of the lid showing no one the mark. This way the tin can be identified in the future by him as the same one, preventing any type of a switch.

The envelope is then sealed inside the tin BY THE VIP, not the performer. Once the envelope is inside, the tin is sealed with tape by the VIP and members of the media are allowed to sign the tape, so the tin cannot be switched or tampered with.

You do not stop there; the VIP and entourage now take the tin to a local bakery, where the tin will be baked inside a loaf of bread so it cannot be tampered with or gotten to without destroying the bread. Members of the local media are invited to put marked coins, pencils, keys or other small personal items into the dough to ensure the bread cannot be switched. Remember, all this is being video taped by the TV crews for use on the news that night as their reporters are putting personal items in the dough.

Once the bread is baked, it is taken to the local hospital where it is x-rayed showing the tin container inside along with the personal items. The bread is then sealed inside a clear Lucite box and the box is covered with tape that the VIP and media may sign to show the box is not tampered with. The box is returned to the bakery shop and put on display in the main window along with the x-ray showing the contents. Remember, during all this the performer does not touch anything, only watches. There are no stooges or confederates involved at ANY TIME during the proceedings of sealing the predictions.

Two weeks later, the bread is brought to the show via a police escort with sirens goings and brought to the stage where it remains in full view under guard! The VIP and members of the media that were involved are on stage to open the predictions. The bread is removed from the clear box and carefully examined to make sure it contains no slits or has been tampered with. The VIP slowly tears apart the bread checking the fibers to make sure they are intact. The personal items are all inside and returned to the media. The tin is removed by the VIP and examined to make sure it is still sealed. Media members can verify their signatures. The box is opened the VIP and verifies his secret mark on the inside of the lid. He removes the envelope which is stilled sealed and checks the signatures on the outside of it. At no time does the performer touch anything!

He opens the envelope and removes the headline prediction slip. He opens the prediction slip and verifies that it is the one he signed. NO ONE, even a reporter is allowed to touch the slip, they may look at the slip while the VIP holds it. This is to prevent any chance of a switch, and by the way, THERE IS NO SWITCH OF THE SLIP.

The VIP reads the predictions, the first two are correct, but the third prediction is wrong. Not bad, two out of three. Everyone is impressed. Even after the prediction is read the performer does not touch the slip at any time, even secretly. He invites the VIP to bring the slip to the newspaper office the next day to show it to the editor. Once he arrives and gives the slip to the editor a stunning revelation is made. The missed prediction, HAS HAPPENED, and the editor points that out! The performer was a day off on one prediction, but it is in that day's headlines. This makes for an even more incredible story, that in most cases will be covered on the front page of the newspaper. The third missed prediction coming true will allow the local TV stations to do an update on the story the next day, giving you even more free publicity.

This is a one-man effect that uses no stooges or secret confederates. There are no gimmicks and positively no switching of the headline prediction slip. Once the prediction is sealed in the envelope, the performer never touches anything again, at anytime. The VIP is not in on it, nor is any media personal. Everyone is fooled, and this will get you maximum publicity for an effect that is extremely easy to do. No secret preshow work of any kind.

This also includes a bonus expanded section on what to predict and not to predict. [Note: Some of this information appeared previously in Devin Knight's Glass Box Revisited. However, this method is greatly expanded with new ideas and new handlings and photos not covered in that ebook. Even if you have the other book, you may still want this new expanded information.]

"Devin's The Glass Box Revisited set the standard for headline predictions. You might as well consider The Ultimate Headline Prediction as a worthy sequel. You will learn how to create a headline prediction that will gain the media's attention and do service for mom-and-pop shops by helping them gain publicity as well. It is up to each individual to decide the level he/she wants to milk this stunt. I was really pleased with a new technique you can use to make you look like a real psychic! Finally, Devin shares his thoughts on how to approach headline predictions in an age where digital mediums are making newspapers obsolete. For the price, you can't go wrong!" - Robert Marsi

1st edition 2013, 18 pages.
word count: 8271 which is equivalent to 33 standard pages of text